Sustainability at the heart of a dynamic year for Paysafe

We are pleased to share our first sustainability report, which highlights the core tenets of Paysafe’s new sustainability strategy, key pillars and commitments. The release of our inaugural sustainability report is a key milestone as we strive to be open, honest and transparent about our progress.

Sustainability Report 2023

Cover of Paysafe's Sustainability Report 2023
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Empowering safe payments and better experiences – for everyone

We are stepping up our efforts in the face of growing financial, digital and environmental challenges because we believe that improving our sustainability is not only the right thing to do but is vital for the company’s long-term success and continued stakeholder value creation.

We have developed a comprehensive framework to articulate our sustainability vision, strategy and commitments. Our sustainability framework will guide our work as we strive to increase the positive impact we have on customers, employees, society and the environment while building a more resilient and profitable business to deliver sustainable returns for our shareholders. Our sustainability framework focuses on four pillars: ‘Trusted technology’, ‘Engaged employees’ and ‘Thriving society’ – underpinned by our ‘Responsible business principles’.

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Delivering security and privacy for consumers and merchants

Trust is vital to Paysafe. Our ability to maintain, protect and enhance our strong and trusted brand is critical to our ambition to become the leading player in the experiential economy.

The shift to digital banking and commerce has resulted in large amounts of assets and sensitive information being transmitted and stored electronically by consumers and businesses. Guided by growing awareness, concern and regulation covering cyber security, data privacy and consumer protection, we are continually investing in the security of our products, services and internal processes.

We strive to be innovative, but in our exploration of new technologies we consider the needs of our customer so, trust remains central to our offering. Our innovation is focused on removing friction, supporting the vulnerable and ensuring our products are accessible.

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Elevating wellbeing and inclusion in the workplace

Our people differentiate our company from our competition. As we scale the business in pursuit of our growth goals, attracting and retaining the right talent remains vitally important.

We strive to offer our people a great place to work, which rewards commitment, promotes engagement, offers development opportunities and prioritises their wellbeing.

We believe in diversity of thought and innovation at all levels of the business and are working to ensure our teams are inclusive, respectful and representative of our customers and communities.

Sustainability Report 2023

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Enhancing access and opportunity across markets

Through our actions, our products and our people, Paysafe strives to make a positive contribution to society.

Our solutions help solve the complexities of digital commerce. We are continually working to remove pain points and increase accessibility for all customers and aim to remove barriers to entry for a variety of underserved consumers.

We have a global commitment to corporate responsibility and doing business the right way. Supporting worthwhile causes and the communities in which we operate, through corporate donations to fundraising activities and volunteer days, is a key focus and a programme we aim to grow in 2024.

We are also working to understand and minimise the impact of our operations and value chain on the climate and the environment.

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Committed in our approach to governance and ethics

We want our stakeholders to be confident that we are operating in a responsible manner. By promoting effective governance, ethics and compliance across our organisation, we can win the trust of consumers and merchants, as well as of our employees and investors.

Our approach is built on experienced leaders, established committees and robust policies, standards and procedures to guide everyone that works for Paysafe. This also includes growing requirements for our suppliers and partners and ensuring we are all accountable.

As we commit to new environmental and social ambitions, responsible business practices have a key role to play in providing a solid foundation to build on.

Sustainability Report 2023

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