The Paysafe Story

We've been making payments happen for over 25 years. You learn a lot in that time. Like how transactions are never just transactions; there’s a story and a reason to every single one.

You learn this too; that our fast and flexible way of working really helps merchants thrive.

It starts here. With Paysafe.

  • $140B

    annualized transactional volume

  • $1.5B+

    wallet deposits

  • 4

    office hubs worldwide

  • ~3200

    members of our global team

Who makes up Paysafe

We’re big (3,300 people big) and global (4 main hubs on 3 continents). But the question is, are we any good? The best way to answer that is to tell you that last year alone, we were trusted to take care of $130b of annualized transactional volume. That sounds good to us.

The focus at Paysafe is to turn transactions into experiences and with over 25 years of experience in the business, we know we can do that for you.

What makes us stand out

At Paysafe, we believe that transactions are more than numbers. Transactions are the starting point for experiences, opportunities, and accomplishments. All of which are rooted in trust. We use this philosophy to guide us to into providing the platform for secure and seamless transactions. Allowing businesses and customers alike to experience more through our knowledge and history in the payments industry.

Sure, that sounds great. But, with game changers based in our twelve locations across the world, we can make transactions secure, seamless, and memorable. We connect merchants to customers in countless safe and innovative ways to support you. It starts here.

Our leaders

Here at Paysafe, our game-changing Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors are passionate, intelligent, experienced individuals. Collectively, they are a representation of Paysafe – diverse, global, and innovative. All driven by their shared vision of a modern payments network for the modern economy.

Meet our leaders