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Our diverse methods for easy, safe pay-and-play experiences let everyone move funds quickly and securely, whenever they need it, wherever they are, and however they prefer to.

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What keeps over 250,000 merchants coming back for more

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One powerful platform. Credit cards. Debit cards. Wallets. Bank transfers. Paysafe makes every transaction type effortless so your customers get the experience they want.

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Local Payment Methods

You should stand out from the crowd. Expand your payment horizons to accept not just Apple Pay and Google Pay, but 260 other options. But who’s counting?

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My Paysafe

Your customers used to need cards to pay online. Now they just need Paysafe. By making is easy to pay with cash online, we open up the entire digital world for those whom cash is still king.

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Custom branded digital wallets for your customers. Sounds cool, right? We can do that. Your customers will want to keep coming back, time and time again.

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Between successful merchants and winning affiliates, you’ll find Paysafe. Think of us as the glue of the igaming world.

Fueling fun through the power of safe payments

At Paysafe, every click is a moment in the making. In a world driven by new generations and reshaped by technology, simplicity is essential – that’s where Paysafe steps in. We offer a platform where consumers can freely choose, and merchants can easily access versatile payment options. As payments evolve, we’re not just adapting to the future; we’re leading it, continuously finding new ways for customers and merchants to connect.

We believe that transactions aren’t just about numbers. They’re about accomplishments, opportunities, experiences, and memories all rooted in trust. Through our simple and secure integrations, consumers and merchants can kickstart their experiences through transactions. We help your secure transactions turn into experiences through our 25 years of experience in the payments industry.

Whether you’re a consumer or merchant navigating the blend of physical and digital, Paysafe is your starting point. Your ambition, your story, your future. It starts here at Paysafe.

  • 25

    years' payment experience

  • ~260

    payment types

  • 40+


  • $1.5B+

    wallet deposits

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Gaming & Streaming

Level up the way you accept payments with a single integration. Our seamless transactions are available however players want to pay anywhere in the world. Including paysafecard, our online cash alternative is a fan-favorite with the underbanked and security-seekers. Game on.

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Growing your crypto business has never been this simple. Since 2012, we’ve not just been the most trusted platform. But the most convenient and secure payment method, as well.

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Retail & Hospitality

Add a one-stop shop for all your retail payments. Using our single integration lets your customers settle their bill with their choice of payment, including card, online cash, digital wallet, instant bank transfer and APM. Our global reach can help you grow your business around the world.

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Take your players further. Hand them the controller to choose how they pay and play. Give them the freedom to choose cards, digital wallets, eCash, APMs, Crypto and more. From there, you can access 15 million potential customers using our digital wallets and prepaid products.

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Travel & Leisure

Prepare your business for take-off. Our bespoke industry solutions help improve customer retention. With merchant solutions that streamline the checkout experience, travelers can pay how they want to wherever they are. Directly connecting you to reporting and industry insights, with no layovers.

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What our customers say

“Paysafe has been instrumental in supporting our growth across 15 states with now over $300m+ customer transactions processed through Paysafe.”

“I get a lot of value out of the reporting available through Netbanx – being able to run reports myself and have information at my fingertips is very useful.”

"Paysafe continues to prove themselves as a reliable, fast and easy payment solution for our customers."

“The account management service is one of the best out there and they are always available to assist us at any time of day.”

“They are a huge part of our business, without them, without a payment provider, we don’t have a business.”

“Paysafe is a partner we can trust. Their professionalism and high attention to us as a customer is second to none.”

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