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Messaging, Analytics, Packaging (MAP)
new visa regulations

Visa’s new rules for trial continuity

Visa have introduced new rules, effective April 18, 2020, applying to merchants offering free trials/promotions, or discounted introductory offers as part of a subscription service.

Quick Reference Guide

At the time of enrollment, merchants must require the cardholder to expressly consent to entering an ongoing subscription service for recurring payments.

Merchants must disclose the following on transaction receipts:

  • The length of any trial period, introductory offer, or promotional period, including clear disclosure that the cardholder will be charged unless the cardholder takes steps to cancel any subsequent transactions.
  • The transaction amount and date for the initial transaction (even if no amount is due) and for subsequent recurring transactions.
  • A link, or other simple mechanism, to enable the cardholder to easily cancel any subsequent transactions online.

Merchants must provide an easy way to cancel the subscription or payment method online, regardless of how the cardholder initially interacted with the merchant.

At the time of enrollment, merchants must provide a copy of the terms and conditions of the subscription service to the cardholder (via email, SMS/text, or other delivery method as agreed with the cardholder) even if no amount was due at the time of issue. This must include:

  • Confirmation that the cardholder has agreed to a subscription, unless the cardholder cancels.
  • The start date of the subscription.
  • Details of the good/services.
  • The ongoing transaction amount and billing frequency/date.
  • A link or other simple mechanism to enable the cardholder to easily cancel any subsequent transactions online.


Merchants must also send a reminder notification (via email or SMS/text) including a link to an online cancellation policy at least 7 days before initiating a recurring transaction if:

  • A trial period, introductory offer, or promotional period is about to expire.
  • The nature of the recurring agreement has changed (for example, the price or billing period).

An additional descriptor indicating a trial period-related transaction will be required in the Merchant Name field of the Clearing Record for the first transaction at the end of a trial period.

This descriptor (for example, “trial,” “trial period,” “free trial”) will then appear on cardholder statements, online banking, mobile apps, and SMS/text alerts, in the same way discretionary, additional invoice/order numbers appear for electronic commerce transactions.

The existing dispute condition of “Misrepresentation” has been been expanded, specifically for transactions where merchandise or digital goods have been purchased - either through a trial period or as a one-off purchase - and the cardholder was not clearly advised of further billing after the purchase date.

Merchants can remedy the dispute by proving that they have acted appropriately, provided they can show:

  • The cardholder expressly agreed to future transactions at the time of the initial interaction; and
  • The merchant electronically notified the cardholder (based on the details the cardholder provided) before processing new transactions following the trial/ promotional period.

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