Petroleum Card Services

Robust, affordable payment solutions for gas stations and convenience stores.

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Trusted industry wide

A trusted provider of payment solutions throughout the petroleum supply industry, PCS focuses on providing specialized services and support for your business.

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Petroleum Supply Payment Solutions

“PCS is hands down the best payment processing solution for the petroleum industry. Nobody else even comes close."

- Robert W.  

Gas Stations Specialized Payments

Why choose PCS?

Over 25 years experience in specialized payments for independent gas stations, convenience stores, auto repair shops and carwashes. Services include:

  • Integration with all pay-at-the-pump solutions
  • Full Buypass network access
  • Secure IP solution for Datawire Secure Transport
  • In-house partner and merchant support

"PCS provides a best in class service focused on day to day operations, allowing me to concentrate on portfolio growth."

   - Nami A.

EMV Ready Equipment

Plug into PCS

Plug into PCS and get access to:

  • EMV ready equipment
  • Migration discount programs
  • Premium pricing programs
  • Clover and mPOS
  • EBT and Fleet Card acceptance
  • Complete fraud protection
  • Reseller and referral programs

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