Enhanced Notification

At the time of enrollment, merchants must provide a copy (i.e., email or SMS/text, or other delivery method, if agreed with the cardholder) of the terms and conditions of the subscription service to the cardholder, even if no amount was due at the time. This must include:

Confirmation that the cardholder has agreed to a subscription, unless the cardholder cancels The start date of the subscription Details of the good/services Ongoing transaction amount and billing frequency/date Link or other simple mechanism to enable the cardholder to easily cancel any subsequent transactions online.

Merchants must also send a reminder notification (i.e., email or SMS/text) including a link to online cancellation policy at least seven (7) days before initiating a recurring transaction if:

A trial period, introductory offer, or promotional period is about to expire. The nature of the recurring agreement has changed (for example, the price or billing period).