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In Partnership with Morning Brew's Jack Appleby & Future Social, find out how to build and market your small business.

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Recent Articles

Excel Tips For SMB Owners Series: 2. Building Powerful Dashboards in Excel

Welcome back to the second edition of my three-part series with Paysafe: Excel Tips For Small Business Owners. I’m Emma Chieppor, creator of Excel Dictionary, your ultimate source for impactful, digestible Excel tips and tricks. I created Excel Dictionary to help others avoid Excel overwhelm and to be the coworker that you can turn to when you need help; the coworker I wish I'd had when I first started my career... (Continue Reading)

Paysafe, Small business
  • Aug 16, 2023

Excel Tips For SMB Owners Series: 1. Visualizing Data in Excel

Excel can be so frustrating, especially for you Small Business Owners. You’re building, you’re hiring, you’re selling, you’re working around the clock—the last thing you have time for is learning spreadsheets. That’s where I come in! I’m Emma Chieppor, creator of Excel Dictionary, your ultimate source for impactful, digestible Excel tips and tricks.... (Continue Reading)

Paysafe, Small business
  • Aug 03, 2023

Innovative Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses: Creative Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

In today's highly competitive business landscape, small businesses need to continually adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the curve. With a multitude of new technologies and an ever-growing customer base, traditional marketing techniques might not consistently deliver the desired results. Innovation is the key driver for success, and small businesses must adopt a strategic marketing approach to thrive in this digital age... (Continue Reading)

Paysafe, Small business
  • Jun 15, 2023

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