Lost in Transaction: Consumer Payment Trends 2023

How consumers’ shifting priorities are impacting the experience economy.

How do consumers prefer to pay in 2023?

What do they think of emerging payment technologies like virtual reality, the Metaverse, and AI? And how has the ongoing economic uncertainty impacted their payment preferences and spending behavior? Every year since 2017, Paysafe has been surveying consumers to find out more about their payment habits and preferences as part of its Lost in Transaction series. 

Key topics covered in this report include:

  • How consumers are choosing to prioritize their discretionary spend and the impact of cost-consciousness on buying decisions
  • Which payment methods consumers are prioritizing and where, along with the increased popularity of digital wallets and eCash
  • The largely untapped potential of AI-driven payments and consumer awareness and appetite for these
  • The role of AR and VR in payments, current awareness and future potential

See how this latest report captures research conducted in April 2023 among 14,500 consumers in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Brazil.

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