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3 tips to find the ideal iGaming affiliate marketing partner

iGaming operators are seeking ways to find more valuable users and increase brand recognition, and the right affiliate partner can help them achieve these goals. Here are three tips for finding a strong iGaming affiliate marketing partner.

The iGaming space is evolving, with the global regulated gambling market projected to grow by $260.44 billion during 2023-2027, according to Research and Markets.

The scale of this opportunity is exciting, and is driving operators to find new and innovative strategies to gain more users and build their brands.

There are several ways to do this, including ensuring players are offered a variety of increasingly popular alternative payment methods, like digital wallets and eCash. And affiliate marketing can also help operators achieve these goals, whether that’s through strategies involving influencer engagement, streaming platforms, or other ways to reach broader audiences and improve their profiles.

But how can operators find the right partner for them? Check out these three tips to find out more, or visit Income Access for more content about affiliate marketing.

Does the iGaming affiliate produce strong content?

For any iGaming operator looking to identify the right partner, the quality, relevance and consistency of an affiliate’s content is a vital consideration. If their content is fresh and regularly updated, it’s clear the partner is working hard to retain their audience and have them coming back for more.

On the flip side: if an affiliate hasn’t published new content in some time, it’s likely they’re not as proactive as others in the market. If, for example, you require new promotions or content material to be updated, you need to be sure your affiliate partner will be proactive and get this done in good time.

iGaming operators should also keep a close eye on the types of content the potential partner is creating. Affiliates boasting strong content on regulated markets are of particular interest, as they demonstrate an ability to tackle complex issues around compliance. This is a strength that should be transferrable when creating content about the iGaming industry.

Does the iGaming affiliate’s website have strong traffic?

It may sound obvious, but you’ll want to work with an affiliate marketer whose website performance aligns with your own goals and ambitions. You should look to find out which countries an affiliate has traffic in, how much traffic they’re attracting, how long readers stay on the site and whether the audience is engaging with their content. If the answers leave you wanting more, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

To discover this information, tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, or any number of traffic tracking products can help you determine whether an affiliate’s website has a relevant and engaged audience.

How are they perceived in relevant media?

Operators looking to gauge an affiliate’s standing in the wider iGaming community are in luck. There are a number of iGaming reporting sites which provide rankings of affiliates – helping you determine which marketing operation may be best for your needs.

Take EGR Power Affiliates, for example. This is a detailed list of the top 50 affiliates in the world, outlining their pros and cons. Similar resources can be found on other media sites, so be sure to take advantage of these when looking for an iGaming affiliate.

The potential of working with iGaming affiliates

As iGaming expands and operators explore different markets, verticals and interests, the number of affiliates in the space will continue to grow. This is an indication of the strength of the industry, but also places more pressure on those looking for the right partner.

With these tips, operators can find the iGaming affiliate for them, and watch their brand grow as a result.

For more information on getting ahead in iGaming, learn about how players pay, and how payment platforms can help operators better reach their customers. Or, if you want to understand more about affiliates and affiliate marketing, contact Income Access directly.