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eCash – Hard currency, reimagined.

Imagine allowing your clients to pay 24/7, online or offline, and from anywhere they happen to be. Now imagine they can do it in cash.

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Alternative Online Payment Option

eCash pays off

Offer cash as an alternative online payment option by integrating a pre- and post-pay eCash solution from Paysafe, with a 100% payment guarantee and no risk of chargebacks.

Win new customers using traditional cash for digital payments.

paysafecard - Prepaid online cash payments

paysafecard is the worldwide leading online prepaid payment method for customers who prefer to pay with cash for their online purchases, simply by entering a 16-digit code.

paysafecard is the perfect solution for consumers, who want to control their spending, do not have a bank account, or don’t want to disclose their personal credit card details online for security reasons.

Available at 650,000+ points of sale in 50+ countries, paysafecard is helping to create incremental revenues for digital providers of apps, games, entertainment, igaming and sports betting.

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paysafecard Digital Payments

Paysafecash - Attract new, cash-dependent target groups

Paysafecash is a barcode-based eCash payment solution, empowering various industries ( services, housing, government, utilities, healthcare, gaming) to accept payments in cash.

Allow your customers to make easy and secure cash payments for online purchases or online/paper bills, repay loans and mortgages, or to make cash deposits to their personal bank account or wallet. All of that in cash, simply after having the Paysafecash barcode scanned at the checkout at one of 200,000 participating payment points in 29 countries.

Attract new, cash-dependent target groups with Paysafecash, by offering your products and services to everyone, also those without a credit card or even without a bank account.

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Paysafecash Online Payments

viacash - Smart ways for cash

Save costs, increase customer retention, and attract new customers by enabling them to deposit and withdraw cash in one of our 20.000 partner stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Greece. Monetize cash-reliant customers online by enabling traditional offline customers to pay for their online shopping with cash and gain access to new customer segments. Reduce costs of expensive existing cash payment processes like cash machines or tills.

Cash transactions are done quickly and faster than any other payment method. A viacash partner store is always around the corner and the network continues growing. Your customers do not have to register or provide sensitive financial data to us or our to the retail partner.

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