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Boost revenue with online cash payments

eCash enables your customers to pay cash online with our prepaid and postpaid payment methods. Boost your revenue and access new cash-dependent customer groups, with a 100% payment guarantee and no risk of chargebacks.

Prepaid online cash payments


paysafecard is a prepaid payment method for customers, who prefer to pay with cash for their online purchases - simply by using a 16-digit code. It is the perfect solution for people, who value data protection and security, want to control their spending or have no bank account or credit card. 

Available at 650,000+ points of sale in 50+ countries and 30+ currencies, paysafecard is helping to create incremental revenues for digital providers of apps, games, entertainment and iGaming. Reach new customers, who have previously been unattainable through other payment methods and integrate paysafecard easily via our payment gateway, via shopping carts or Payment Service Providers.

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Already working with a Payment Service Provider?

No problem! paysafecard is offered by a large selection of Payment Service Providers and can be integrated in just a few simple steps.

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Become an official sales outlet and be a part of our success

Gain new customers and generate incremental revenue as an official paysafecard sales outlet. Join us and become a paysafecard distribution partner today!

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Online payments via barcode


A barcode-based eCash payment solution, empowering various industries including financial services, housing, government, utilities, healthcare, and gaming to accept payments in cash.

Every online transaction is converted into a Paysafecash barcode that can be scanned at over 200.000 partner locations in 29 countries and be paid right there – in cash. Your customers can make easy and secure cash payments for online purchases or bills, repay loans and mortgages, or make cash deposits to their personal bank account or wallet.

Attract new, cash-dependent target groups with Paysafecash, by offering your products and services to everyone, irrespective of their access or willingness to use credit cards or bank transfers.

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Your app, your customers, your brand

Meet our white label solution for financial services. You would like to offer Paysafecash as one of your own features? No problem. Financial service providers can use our fully integrated white label solution. 

By creating a barcode within the app and scanning it at the checkout of participating payment partner stores, the providers’ customers can make easy cash deposits - and in some countries even withdrawals - to their personal account or wallet. 

Save costs, increase retention and access new customer groups by seamlessly integrating our white label solution into your products.

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Interested in becoming a Paysafecash retail partner?

Benefit from increased footfall in your stores by becoming a Paysafecash Payment Partner and get a fee for every transaction you handle. Give your customers the possibility to do deposits and withdrawals or pay online purchases and bills within your store and allow your customers the best shopping experience.

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Gift card payments online

Accept gift card payments from online consumers

We work with local retailers to enable their gift cards and POS's to be used as a form of payment ideal for online consumers. Integrate Openbucks into your checkout in minutes, provide multi-currency payments and profit from no chargebacks.

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Obucks gaming card

Whether you sell gift cards or have a reward program, you can grow revenue and deliver a better customer experience by selling Obucks gaming cards accepted on 100,000+ gaming merchants.

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