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Fostering employee wellbeing and fitness in a fast-paced world

We speak to six Paysafe colleagues to hear their top tips on how they manage wellbeing and physical fitness alongside work.

At Paysafe, September is dedicated to promoting wellbeing – so we caught up with members of the team to learn more about their experiences.

Rajkumar Natarajan, Principal Architect Software Engineering, U.S. Merchant Solutions

My weekly workout revolves around achieving a level of fitness that combines moderate to required levels of functional training and cardio activities, along with essential nutritional habits. These routines hold a dual purpose for me: they serve as the foundation for my aspiration to conquer some of the world's highest peaks while savoring the experience, and they are instrumental in my pursuit of a diabetes-free life as I transition into retirement.

My recent triumph in summitting the highest lone-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro, in six days can be attributed to a dedicated routine involving focused functional training, twenty miles of jogging, and forty miles of biking every week. Prior to accomplishing this dream, I had already conquered eight mountains across various states in the US. This achievement came despite the challenges of dealing with insufficient oxygen levels and living in the mountains for a week in difficult terrain and altitudes. Additionally, I was shocked to believe that my longstanding objective of reversing diabetes was coming to fruition.

Miki Pötscher, SVP Marketing, Digital Wallets

Throughout the working week, I make a conscious effort to allocate at least twenty minutes each day for family, friends and personal time. This mental break is extremely important to me. I use this time to go for a bike ride, a walk or listen to a podcast. It serves as an opportunity for active reflection on the day's events, allowing me to effectively leave them behind and shift my focus forward.

When the weekend arrives, I maximise the time I have. I kickstart my day, efficiently tackle any errands, and swiftly move to the enjoyable part of the weekend. For me, this entails quality time with my family doing various fun activities, meeting friends and their families, organising mountain bike trips, or setting of on sailing adventures. It’s about being outside, spending time with family and friends and being active. Wellbeing is all about striking a balance between our family, friends, work, and of course yourself. 

I also find that physical exercise helps me achieve a clear mindset. When I go mountain biking, I concentrate on my breathing, my heart rate and the specific muscle groups required for the sport. Avoiding obstacles, like the next tree, requires my full attention. I understand not everyone is geared that way and considering my track record of injuries, perhaps I should play chess instead.

Through my experiences, I’ve come to realise that the body posseses a remarkable ability to heal itself, or sometimes with the help of some screws and threads. However, the same cannot be said for the mind. It has a tendency to suppress or overlook issues, but, inevitably, those unresolved matters can resurface over time, leading to compounded emotional pain. I’ve learned the importance of addressing and working through these mental obstacles. When it comes to mental wellness, the responsibility ultimately lies with one person: YOU.

Renzo Navea, Marketing Analyst, Lima

To me, one important element to consider when it comes to wellbeing is the importance of maintaining a good balance between work and personal life. During my spare time, I like to cultivate an active lifestyle, whether it's going to the gym or taking my dog, Troy, for a walk. I also value spending quality time with my loved ones.

At Paysafe, we are given great opportunities to encourage us to stay active such as the Paysafe football and volleyball teams. I believe these teams play a significant role in promoting employee wellbeing and encourage us to have a good work-life balance.

Giacomo Austin, Group MLRO & SVP Compliance, Sofia

I prioritise my availability so that I can drop off and pick up my son from kindergarten every day. Spending quality time with him and my wife is a great way to recharge my batteries and ensure I’m ready for my next day of Paysafe challenges.

When my various injuries allow me to, I love to play basketball. I find it’s a great way to clear my mind and focusing on a simple game helps me reset and re-engage in my role with more energy.

Tanya Genova, Global HR Manager, Tech & Operations, Sofia

I typically go on long walks in nature and thoroughly enjoy planning our family’s travel adventures.

I regularly attend yoga classes. The breathing exercises and guided meditation help foster a connection between the mind, body and spirit.

Veronica Folco, Talent Acquisition Lead, Canada

Wellbeing has always held significance for me, but it has taken on greater importance in recent years. The pandemic served as a wake-up call, reinforcing that ‘health is wealth’. This realisation became the catalyst for me to prioritise my general wellbeing with a particular focus on my physical health. I find joy in the simplest activities, such as long strolls outdoors like long walks in nature and trying out delicious, healthy recipes.

When I’m seeking a more intensive workout, I take on the 12-3-30 treadmill challenge. My next endeavor on my wellness journey is weight training, a completely new experience for me. I’ve been loving this transformative journey, which has not only resulted in a forty-pound weight loss but has also had a significant positive impact on my mental health. As a result, I’ve been able to lead a truly balanced and fulfilling life, both at work and home.

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