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4 ways iGaming operators can improve CRM to drive player retention

iGaming operators are turning to affiliate programs to gain new players. Here’s how a CRM strategy can help you retain them.

As an iGaming operator, you’ll likely have considered an affiliate marketing program – assuming you don’t already have one in place. Affiliate programs are effective channels to drive brand awareness in the iGaming space, and can help you grow by bringing in more players.

But while gaining new players is an essential part of growth, engaging and retaining them is crucial to long-term success. This is why a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy is so important – helping you stand out in an increasingly competitive space where brand loyalty is dwindling. In fact, it’s estimated that in the UK, players on average hold three betting accounts.

Here's four tips to help you build an effective CRM strategy.

Understand your players

For iGaming operators, a strong CRM strategy is reliant upon your ability to understand the players arriving at your platform. To achieve this, you can segment players based on product preferences and different demographic factors (such as age, or location). Doing so will allow you to target players directly with offers or news that will interest or provide value to them.

You can further segment players by behavior, and how they interact with your gaming site and product. Understanding whether someone is a casino or sportsbook player, for example, will help you share content that is specific to that vertical, and improve the player experience.

And segmentation can extend to your affiliate program, allowing personalized communication and content specifically designed for affiliates.

Incentivize your players

It’s far easier to reward your players once you better understand their preferences. Incentivising returning players is crucial to ensure they keep coming back for more -- this could mean offering a tiered loyalty program that gives them access to exclusive content or deals, based on their level of engagement.

A VIP program can also be introduced for higher value players, providing access to further benefits to deliver an improved overall gaming experience.

Connect with players across multiple channels

Just as players don’t all pay the same way, not all customers respond to the same means of communication, and so brands should explore other ways to connect with both existing and potential players.

This means expanding the available channels through which players can get in touch, going beyond an email address or phone number listed on the site, and offering live chat support, newsletters, social media, and more.

By catering to players’ different communication preferences, you can build a stronger community and drive customer loyalty.

Be communicative

Of course, it’s no use having multiple ways for consumers to contact you if they’re communicating with a black hole. You need to ensure you have the resources in place to offer swift, timely, and helpful responses to players – regardless of the channel they are using.

Building success

A strong CRM strategy can be made of many component parts, but understanding and segmenting players based on their demographics and behavior is the foundation upon which it can be built.

By working closely with your affiliate manager to ensure a strong CRM approach is in place, you can gain new players and keep existing ones – setting you up for success now, and in the future.

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