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Secure, instant payments with Rapid Transfer

Our instant bank transfer solution lets customers pay directly, without leaving your website. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

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Why Rapid Transfer?

  • Instant: Payment is made as soon as customers complete the transaction
  • Secure: Leverage the banks’ rigorous security measures
  • Convenient: Customers don’t need to sign up; all they need is their online banking login credentials
  • PSD2 licensed: Rapid Transfer complies with the latest EU payments regulations
  • Chargeback protected: All payments are indemnified to protect your business
  • Payouts and refunds: Payouts and refunds help transactions go smoothly
Security & Chargeback Protection
Rapid Transfer Payment Solution

Secure real-time transactions with Rapid Transfer

  • Immediate and convenient. With Rapid Transfer you'll receive payments as soon as your customers complete a transaction.
  • Secure and compliant with EU payment regulation. Rapid Transfer is also protected against chargebacks and uses your customer banks’ additional security.

Europe wide support

Supports over 3,000 banks and over 200 million European consumers in 19 markets. Services integrations include:

European Bank Support

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