Secure, instant payments with Rapid Transfer

Our instant bank transfer solution lets customers pay directly, without leaving your website. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

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Why Rapid Transfer?

Instant: Payment is made as soon as customers complete the transaction

Secure: Leverage the banks’ rigorous security measures

Convenient: Customers don’t need to sign up; all they need is their online banking login credentials

PSD2 licensed: Rapid Transfer complies with the latest EU payments regulations

Chargeback protected: All payments are indemnified to protect your business

Payouts and refunds: Payouts and refunds help transactions go smoothly

Security & Chargeback Protection

All the benefits, in real-time

Immediate and convenient. With Rapid Transfer you'll receive payments as soon as your customers complete a transaction.

Rapid Transfer Payment Solution

Europe wide support

Supports over 3,000 banks and over 200 million European consumers in 19 markets. Services integrations include:

European Bank Support

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