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Code me this,
Code me that,
Can you crack the code
in my Full-Stack?

Which are two of the technical communities within the engineering teams at Paysafe?


public class PaysafeCommunities {

     public static void main(String []args) {

        String[] communities = new String[] { "Mobile, Deployment", "Deployment, Backend", "Frontend, Mobile", "Backend, Frontend" };

        String s1 = "Community"; 

        String s2 = "Community"; 

        String s3 = new String("Community");

        String s4a = "Co";

        String s4b = "mmunity";


        int paysafeCommunities = 1;


        paysafeCommunities = s1.equals(s3) ? ++paysafeCommunities : --paysafeCommunities;

        paysafeCommunities = s1 == s2 ? ++paysafeCommunities : --paysafeCommunities;

        paysafeCommunities = s1 == s3 ? ++paysafeCommunities : --paysafeCommunities;

        if(s1 == s4a + s4b) {

            paysafeCommunities += 1;






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