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Code me this,
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in my Full-Stack

We are super excited to welcome you here where a team of five brave superheroes prepared challenges for you. Inspired by the Paysafe culture, our team knows how to keep the work-life balance. That is why while enjoying their favorite hobbies, Vesela, Zdravka, Yoana, Hristo and Boris developed special coding riddles.

Prove your passion for technology! Compete against the best talents for a chance to get a PS5, smartwatch Garmin or 6-months craft beer subscription. We upload new riddles every week, so don’t miss the chance to win a sport voucher on a weekly basis.


Meet the team, pick one riddle, submit a correct solution below and win the chance to get outstanding awards!

Let’s go!

Here are some hints to help you through the challenge:

  • Select the riddle you like the most and click the button to jump in it.
  • On a weekly basis the riddles will be updated, so don’t miss the chance to participate several times.
  • Once you solve the riddle, fill the correct solution it in the form below.
  • Submit the solution by registering below.
  • Every week one of all participants with correct solutions will get a sport voucher (in a raffle). On March 21st three people from all participants with correct solutions can win PS5, smartwatch Garmin or 6-months craft beer subscription
  • The winners will be announced on the web page and will be contacted via e-mail.
  • The registered participants with correct solutions will also get the opportunity to attend an interview without completing a HackerRank test which is step 1 in our recruitment process at Paysafe.

The period of the campaign is Feb 21st – March 21st.


To participate in the Paysafe Coding Challenge, you must:

- Be at least 18 years of age;

- Reside in Bulgaria;

- Not be a current employee of Paysafe;

Choose one of the ambassadors' challenges!

Yoana Karadzhova, Software Engineer at Paysafe 

Hello! My name is Yoana and I have been part of Paysafe’s dev team for nearly three years now. As a full stack developer, my day is split between back-end tasks for Skillcard and Net+ card using Spring boot, and front-end coding where we use Angular. I love training and it is great that Paysafe makes me keep my work-life balance.


Boris Mavrodiev, Lead Software Engineer

My name is Boris and I am happy to welcome you here! I chose Paysafe because the company develops its own products in the FinTech sector and offers great working conditions to its employees. In my free time I enjoy playing table tennis and walking to new and unfamiliar places. 

Vesela Kotseva, Software Engineer at Paysafe

Hello, I am Vesela! I have been working at Paysafe as a software engineer for almost two years. The product I am developing together with my colleagues is called paysafecard, which is a prepaid voucher for secure online payment. I participate in the development of new and interesting functionalities for the product, as well as the improvement of existing ones. In love snowboarding with friends in winter and always keep the work-life balance.

Hristo Todorov, Junior Software Engineer (iOS) at Paysafe

Hey, guys! My name is Hristo and have been part of the Paysafe dev team for quite some time. We know how to have fun and I am really grateful for the amazing colleagues I have. We work together and sport together! So today, I challenge to show your best and solve my riddle. Submit the correct solution below and get a chance to win PS5. Cool, a? Fingers crossed!


Zdravka Dzhaleva, Software Engineer at Paysafe

Hey there, my name is Zdravka and I have been part of the Paysafe team since 2020. I am developing different applications for one of our products – paysafecard, using Java for the back-end and Angular for the front-end. The riddle I have for you is based on Java and I am sure that you will be able to solve it pretty fast. Click on the link, solve my task and submit it below! We have a variety of exciting awards that you can win. Enjoy, you set the pace! 


Winners Announcement! 

Thanks to all participants that took part in our Coding Challenge. Here are the names of winners who gave correct answers to our questions and were lucky to win our draw for the prizes:

Big prizes winners:

Planimir Todorov - 6-months craft beer subscription

Suzana Petkova - Smart Watch Garmin

Petya Kuzmanova - Playstation 5


Weekly winners:

Nikolay Neykov - Sports Voucher

Nedko Nikolov - Sports Voucher

Boyan Spasov - Sports Voucher

Stoyan Malinin - Sports Vaucher


Congrats from the whole Paysafe Team!

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  1. The Paysafe Coding Challenge is organized by Paysafe Bulgaria EOOD (“Paysafe”) and shall take place from 21 February 2022 until the 21 March 2022.
  2. Paysafe shall publish 5 riddles online each week, 20 in total.
  3. Each Participant must solve at least one riddle to participate in the weekly and/or final prize raffles.
  4. All riddles shall be prepared and published by Paysafe on the following page .
  5. To participate in the Paysafe Coding Challenge, you must:


     6. Only participants who submitted correct answers on  are eligible to participate in the weekly and the final prize raffles (“Eligible Participants”).

    7. Every week one of the Eligible Participants may win a sport voucher from Sport Depot for the amount of 200 BGN (valid for 2 years) and on the 21 March 2022 Paysafe shall run a final prize raffle where 3 Eligible Participants can win a PlayStation 5, a Garmin - Forerunner 245 Music smartwatch and a 6-month craft-beer subscription from    

    8. All winners shall be announced on the following page and shall be contacted by Paysafe via the email address registered during the sign up to clarify the shipment and delivery address of the Eligible Participant.

    9.The prizes described herein cannot be exchanged for their monetary equivalent.

   10. Paysafe reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any participant partially or fully from the Paysafe Coding Challenge at any time by providing a written noticе to the email address registered during the sign up, if it has a reason to believe the participant has breached or tried to breach these Paysafe Coding Challenge Rules.    

    11. Paysafe reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend these Paysafe Coding Challenge Rules or to end the Paysafe Coding Challenge at any time by providing a written notice to the email addresses of the participants registered during the sing up.

    12. Paysafe reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to invite some of the Eligible Participants to a job interview. Such Eligible Participants shall not be obliged to complete a HackerRank Test. 

     13. The processing of your personal data is governed by the Paysafe Group Privacy Policy, available on