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Read more about the career development of Hristo Dimitrov, Engineering Manager. He started out as a Software Engineer Intern and now he holds the role of Engineering Manager.

How and when did your career at Paysafe begin?

My career at Paysafe started 10 years ago now. I joined the company as one of the 8 interns, and over time, I built strong connections and friendships with a significant number of colleagues.

What roles have you transitioned through on your journey?

Over the years, I've transitioned through various technical roles within the company, as well as different teams and initiatives. This provided me with both solid technical growth and a deep understanding of our business. Of course, there's always more to learn, especially since technologies and the business landscape have evolved. But this only motivates me for my future development.

Tell us a bit more about your current role.

Currently, I hold the position of Engineering Manager in teams primarily focused on our business clients. This is one of the most critical products we offer, considering the impressive volume and value of transactions. Following our established processes and culture of mutual assistance forms the core of our ability to provide quality service to our end clients, and I'm working to instill and pass on this culture within our team.

What aided you in reaching your current role, and what role has Paysafe played in your career path?

Paysafe is a company that has gone through several different stages in its development, but it has always maintained a culture closely tied to the career growth of its employees. Many of the senior engineers and managers in the IT department have risen through the ranks internally, some even starting as interns like me. I've consistently received support from my managers for my development, as well as from my colleagues, from whom I've learned a lot and expanded my knowledge.

What factors have kept you with the company for such a long time?

The dynamic growth of the company has given me the opportunity to face new challenges and increasingly interesting projects and situations. The truth is, even after 10 years, I haven't learned everything I can learn, and things change often enough that there are always new goals to pursue. Our products and teams are diverse enough that anyone seeking a change is given a chance to try a different team and role. Wherever I've been in the company, I've felt that there's something I can contribute to the collective goals, and this gives me a sense of satisfaction.

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