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  • Seven minutes read

Will SCA RTS deliver the Open Banking we need?

With implementation of the Regulatory Technical Standards on Strong Customer Authentication less than 12 months away, is there a clear vision of what an API-enabled future of payments looks like?

For months, and even years, in the run-up to January 13 2018, the date was circled in the diary of every bank and fintech in Europe. It marked the launch for one of the most seismic shifts in financial services for decades; the implementation of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the launchpad of Open Banking in the UK.

However, it is fair to say that some of the wind has been taken out of Open Banking’s sails. There is still an unshakeable belief in the payments community that PSD2 will have an incredibly significant impact eventually, but the reality is this will be achieved over time rather than in the immediate future.

In this whitepaper we look at:

  • How far the industry has adopted PSD2 to-date
  • Why we haven’t seen the launch of more Open Banking driven products
  • Whether current consumer perception of PSD2 might be affected by delays in delivering Open Banking-enabled products
  • What banks and fintechs can expect from Open Banking in the next 12 months

Download the report here.