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Wellbeing at Paysafe: A day in the life of Stephanie Hericotte

We speak with Stephanie Hericotte, Head of Marketing Procurement, about her background, her role at Paysafe, and the importance of managing physical wellbeing in her professional and personal life.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and a typical day in your job at Paysafe?

I’m a French native who has been living in the UK for the past two decades with my partner and dog.

I’ve been working in the sourcing team at Paysafe for five years, and my primary responsibility involves providing support to the marketing team across the organisation. This includes advising them on the buying process to select external services but also looking at efficiencies.

A typical day in my job involves a series of meetings to discuss performance management with suppliers, contract renewals and exploring potential new services.   

What do you do to support your physical wellbeing and why is it important to you?

Maintaining my physical wellbeing is important to me as I am committed to ensuring that I age gracefully and maintain my fitness. To achieve this, I pay close attention to my dietary habits. In June this year, I started a tailored diet plan called Zoe to help with overall health as food is an important part of wellbeing.

I’m also an active member of the Peloton community, which has transformed my life. Since becoming a member, I’ve embraced a wide range of physical activities including cycling, running, strength training and yoga.

The Peloton community is incredibly supportive, and it’s where I discovered my passion for running. In fact, I’m currently training for my very first 10km run on 17 September, where I’ll be running for Dementia UK.

How does maintaining physical wellbeing positively impact other parts of your life?

In the past, I used to experience aches and pains, often due to stress. However, these discomforts have now got better. I feel stronger and more physically fit than I have ever been.

What habits or routines you have adopted to maintain your physical wellbeing?

I’m an active participant in a Peloton group known as the 4Ps, where we engage in six to seven challenges each year, each lasting approximately six weeks. Within this group, we are split into teams, and the aim is to compete with one another in a friendly and motivating manner. Each week we receive a plan of the activities we need to do, and this has become an integral part of my routine.

My typical week includes running three times, cycling once, as well as dedicating forty minutes to strength training and twenty minutes to core workouts. I also make sure my dog receives his daily exercise by taking him for walks four to five times a week, each lasting an hour. These routines collectively contribute to my overall wellbeing and have positively impacted my life.

How does Paysafe encourage physical wellbeing?

Paysafe takes the wellbeing of its employees very seriously. I am based in London and Paysafe has partnered with Vitality, our healthcare provider. Vitality has a reward system which I use on a weekly basis. I always try to maximise my points to get my rewards, like free coffee, discounted subscription services and products, trainers and more. Additionally, we have a wellbeing area in the office for all employees to use. We also have a step challenge to get the employees moving this month. 

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