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Lost in Transaction: Consumer payment trends 2021

Download our latest research report on how COVID-19 has changed the payments landscape, and what that means for the future of commerce.

In April 2020 we commissioned a survey of consumers in seven countries in Europe and North America to measure the immediate impact of COVID-19 on payment preferences.

To discover if the changes we saw during the first wave of the pandemic have endured, whether new payment trends have emerged in the past 12 months, and how consumers view the future as we hopefully head towards the end of the pandemic, we recently commissioned a new survey in the same seven countries.

The findings of this research are published in our latest report Lost in Transaction: Consumer payment trends 2021.

Download Report

Topics covered in this report include:

  • How consumers have changed their online payment habits during COVID-19, and whether these changes will be sustained once the pandemic is over

  • Whether consumers trust the security of online payments more or less than they did 12 months, and how their experiences during the pandemic have influenced that opinion

  • How cash usage and contactless payments adoption have fluctuated during COVID-19, and whether we’ll see these return to pre-pandemic levels

  • If we will see a resurgence of in-store shopping, and to what extent life will return to “normal” including consumers’ plans to visit bars, restaurants, theatres, and sports events following the pandemic

The report is available to download now.

Click here to read Lost in Transaction: Consumer payment trends 2020


The survey was conducted among 8,111 consumers (representative by age and gender) in the U.S. (2,000), UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy (all 1,000). The interviews were conducted online by Sapio Research in March - April 2021 using an email invitation and an online survey.

The use of any third-party brand names in this report is for illustrative purposes only. Consumer attitudes to the specific brands were not considered or analysed as part of the research this report is based on and this report does not represent Paysafe’s or any other party’s views towards the brands themselves or the services they represent.