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A Green Future for the Crypto Industry

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of new ESG standards and policies.

ESG considerations for the cryptoasset industry

Consumer attitudes towards ESG issues are changing. As one of the first reports of its kind, Paysafe and Clifford Chance analyze and explore current legal and regulatory ESG requirements for cryptocurrencies and other cryptoassets and provide an overview of potential future requirements.

Key topics covered in this report include:

  • An in-depth overview of the legal and regulatory landscape for ESG issues related to cryptoassets, including the social implications
  • Policy recommendations to increase ESG responsibility and support the transition of the crypto industry to net zero emissions
  • The challenges and opportunities the crypto industry faces when implementing ESG policies

Get started with this overview of key ESG considerations for the cryptoasset industry in the UK, why it is important and where progress can be made by policymakers and market participants.

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