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CarbonNeutral® certification

As part of our holistic approach to Corporate Responsibility we have identified sustainability and a focus on our environment as a flagship programme alongside D&I and focus on the community. A core philosophy we hold is that who we are extends beyond our office walls and our business activities and as such we are deeply committed to always doing business the right way.

In addition to our strategy to reduce carbon emissions across our operations through energy efficiency initiatives, Paysafe has achieved CarbonNeutral® certification from 2019 onwards. Natural Capital Partners established and maintain the CarbonNeutral® Protocol, which is the global standard for carbon neutral programs. As part of their work, they guided us on the data collection process and evaluated our total 2019, and forecasted 2020, carbon footprint. To then offset our footprint, we worked with them to identify several sustainability projects we could support in developing countries. The three we have committed to are all independently verified to assure they reduce emissions and also support the building of sustainable infrastructure, improve health and conserve habitat.

For more information, please view our press release: Paysafe achieves CarbonNeutral® company status.