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My Paysafe: A week in the life of Felix Grigorov

Felix is a Team Leader in our Customer Services department, based in Sofia.

In our latest look at what it is like to work at Paysafe we ask Felix Grigorov about his motivations for joining Paysafe, whether the company met his expectations, and balancing work and home life following a new baby joining the family during COVID-19.

1. Is there a typical day or week for you at Paysafe?

I work in Paysafe’s Customer Service department, where every day or week has the potential to hold something unique in store. One reason for this is that we are unlike any other typical customer support department. We are driven by a very different vision, and that is the belief that it is not enough just to be there and react when customers need us, but before they get to need us. For us it is crucial to be continually exploring that concept and to be aware of why we do what we do, because this is the special ingredient that makes us a great team.

I typically start my day by reviewing all the latest process updates and product releases in order to be able to highlight efficient approaches and handling, as well as pinpointing areas and topics to be addressed and clarified, or identifying technical issues that need to be escalated to the respective teams. I analyse the quality assessments provided by the Quality team, and plan how to tackle the areas that need improvement. As a hiring manager I also work closely with the recruitment team during any ongoing candidate selection process.

2. What motivated you to join Paysafe?

I have been with the company for six years. What initially got me interested was the impressive feedback I got from my brother who had already joined the company. Back then I hadn’t made up my mind on which career path to take, but I was fascinated by the curious fintech world of payment processing outside of traditional banking services, where product expertise can lead to unthinkable perspectives for creating and shaping customer experience.

3. What surprised you when you first came to work at Paysafe?

The first impression I had of the company was that of surprise, specifically I didn’t comprehend how it was possible to get so many great people in one place. I was surprised to witness the astoundingly wide scope of skills, ideas, and visions that I encountered when I joined.

4. How do you find being a father while working at Paysafe?

It is fantastic. My wife and I were especially thankful for the present that we got for our baby girl – a custom designed baby box, full of gorgeous and very stylish baby clothing, and other gifts that Paysafe sends all employees with a newborn baby.

5. Is work-life balance important to you? And how do you balance looking after your family with your job?

Planning and doing things in advance has been key to balancing work and family. Time management in general has been crucial for me to create a better work-life balance, as well as the great support and flexibility the company provides through my amazing colleagues and line manager.

6. How do you get informed about what is happening at the company?

There are many ways to keep up with what goes on in the company, such as internal communications, webinars during which you can submit any questions to the executive team in real time, departmental conference calls, and company-wide all-hands meetings. During the COVID-19 crisis Paysafe has set up dedicated internal surveys, carried out on a regular basis to check on how everyone is doing, constantly asking for feedback to stay aware of how we all feel and what we think could be improved or done differently.

7. How did you find having to work from home as opposed to working from the office?

Working from home due to COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise for me. Before COVID-19 I wasn’t the biggest fan of a home office and would almost never use that option if I could find a way to get what needed to be done from the office. However, when our newborn arrived, I realised how lucky I was to be able to spend so much time with the baby – a priceless chance and an absolute life-changer.

On the other hand, it is no secret that it is more difficult to build and maintain trust and relationships when you go virtual. People need to be in the company of others, we need face-to-face human interaction to be able function well and be creative. So a combination of both – working from home and from the office – would be the optimal solution in my opinion.

8. Describe Paysafe in three words.

Tenacious. Innovative. Visionary.

9. You should work at Paysafe, because…

…of the truly great people at the core of the company, who live our values day-in and day-out, knowing why they do what they do, and thus growing and maintaining the outstanding culture that Paysafe has.

Felix Grigorov is a Team Leader within the Customer Service department at Paysafe, responsible for the daily operations, activities, performance, and guidance of the team taking care of  our customers' experience.

His background is in the humanities, having majored in English and American Studies. Outside of the office his interests are wide-ranging, including a love of movies, books, travelling, and contemporary art.