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Everything you need to scale your direct selling business.

  • Accept payments on any device in any country
  • Protect your business with our fraud & risk tools
  • Ensure quick pay-outs to your employees


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What we offer

Payment solutions for direct selling businesses of any size

Whether you’re a start-up or enterprise, Paysafe provides you with the ability to accept a wide range of payment types types and currencies.

  • Cash, cards and digital wallets - accept all the ways people pay
  • Support for all the major card schemes


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Recurring payments and billing

Increase revenue with our support for recurring payments and billing.

  • Keep your shoppers card information secure and updated
  • Seamlessly run scheduled transactions
  • Increase your monthly and annual recurring revenue

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Fraud and risk management tools that protect your credibility and business

Direct Selling businesses are vulnerable to risk. Paysafe protects your business by:

  • Providing a specialist underwriting team, ensuring your payments are protected
  • Taking the pain out of chargebacks with leading chargeback management tools
  • Using innovative fraud and risk management tools

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  • Leading chargeback management tools
  • Specialized underwriting team
  • Innovative fraud and risk management
  • Strategic partnerships for business growth

Partner with a global leader in direct selling

Direct selling is a booming industry. Thanks to the huge technological advances of recent years, more and more people are building independent businesses as direct sellers or as part of a MLM network.

Many direct selling businesses can find it difficult to open a merchant account, as traditional providers can be reluctant to onboard and underwrite them. Once onboarded, they face challenges staying in business and scaling, especially as concerns of chargebacks and fraud grow. 

Paysafe has the experience to help you setup and scale your business. 

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