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A day in the life of Kalin Stoyanov

This month we catch up with Kalin Stoyanov, Senior Legal Counsel, to talk about his career and life at Paysafe. Kalin has recently returned to Paysafe as part of the Paysafe Alumni Network Program – an initiative aimed at bringing talent back to the business.

Colleagues who have acquired additional knowledge and experience outside of the company are warmly welcomed back at Paysafe, and Kalin is one of the first members of the network who has successfully returned ‘home’.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and a typical day in your job at Paysafe?

My name is Kalin and I’m currently working as a Senior Legal Counsel in the Legal department, dealing with matters related to our Digital Wallets and Acquiring product lines.

A typical working day for me is quite intense and dynamic. It begins with a cup of strong coffee and the careful planning of my daily tasks so that they fit well with my busy meetings/calls schedule.

From there onwards, I engage in a lot of reading, analysis, reviews, and discussions on legal matters with colleagues internally and with external third parties. Some of my main responsibilities involve providing expert guidance on various legal issues related to the operations of Paysafe such as contract negotiations, licensing and intellectual property requirements. This also includes identifying and assessing legal risks associated with Paysafe’s activities, products and services as well as collaborating with C-level management to establish internal policies and procedures that comply with legal requirements and best practices.

Outside of work, I am an extremely outdoor-oriented person, and I am passionate about hiking, camping and sports like swimming, kayaking and cycling.

What do you love most about your role?

There are many things I love about my role and my profession in general but if I had to pinpoint one, that would be the invaluable opportunity to communicate with C-level and senior managers across all departments and take part in forming some of the company’s most important initiatives and projects.

How does your team contribute to Paysafe’s goals and vision in Powering Play, Safely?

The main purpose of the Legal team is to provide adequate and timely legal assistance to all internal stakeholders with a view to protect the best interests of Paysafe.

In doing so, the Legal team plays a critical role in ensuring that Paysafe operates in compliance with laws, regulations, and industry standards, thus mitigating legal risks.

We also handle all kinds of contract-related matters, making sure our business relationships are solid and our rights are protected in the best possible way. If there are legal disputes, we step in to resolve them quickly and effectively, so that the business can continue to operate without disruption.

Also, we play a vital role in helping the company navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscapes of some of the key customer sectors in which we operate, including gaming, gambling, eCommerce and fintech. Finally, we support the team in ensuring that our products and services are developed and delivered with world-class safety, security, and integrity, which contributes to the trustworthy and responsible business environment we have built here at Paysafe.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my legal career thus far has been the opportunity to work on a number of complex and high-profile cases such as analysing and negotiating our biggest global technology service agreements and some of Paysafe’s flagship merchant agreements.

All these projects challenged my legal skills and gave me the opportunity to collaborate closely with a diverse bunch of teams made up of talented professionals. The cases required extensive research, strategic analysis, and innovative problem-solving, and ultimately resulted in a successful outcome for Paysafe and our clients. These rewarding experiences showcased my ability to handle complex legal matters and provided valuable lessons for my professional growth.

What do you think about the Paysafe Alumni program?

I love it! I think it’s a great way to keep the wider community of former Paysafe employees engaged with what is happening with the company and also keep the door open for the most talented professionals to return and give their valuable contribution to Paysafe’s objectives.

What made you decide to return to Paysafe?

My decision to return to Paysafe was based on several factors but it is undeniably the culture of the company, or as I like to put it the “personality” of Paysafe, that played a prominent role.

I had to leave Paysafe for a while to really appreciate its well-aligned company culture. It has a collaborative, team-oriented attitude which promotes open communication, inclusivity and cooperation among colleagues. Also, I highly value Paysafe’s approach towards areas which are quite important for me personally such as leadership style, organizational structure, employee recognition programs and work-life balance initiatives.

Kalin was born and raised in the small town of Svishtov where his curiosity for the world ignited. He acquired a Bachelor of Law degree at The Hague University of Applied Sciences with distinction, followed by a Master of Law degree at Maastricht Law University in the Netherlands. His professional journey led him to serve as a legal counsel for one of Europe's largest stock brokers, where he expanded his expertise in legal, financial and regulatory aspects of the payment, banking, and retail investment sectors.

Currently, Kalin holds the position of Senior Legal Counsel, where his responsibilities center around legal matters related to commercial, payment, regulatory, and intellectual property matters.