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Celebrating all types of families at Paysafe

We interview two members of the Paysafe team about their different family situations, celebrating what makes us unique, and what brings us together.

At Paysafe, our employee-led Families@Paysafe network does amazing work to support colleagues by driving discussions, awareness, and promoting changes in our HR policies, across all types of family structures. Here, two members of the Paysafe team tell us about their families, and what makes them unique.  

Christina Vicario, Senior Account Manager, Income Access

Can you tell us about your family set up? 

I come from a very traditional nuclear family, but I myself am not very traditional. While my partner and I do not have children of our own, I have two nieces and one nephew, and they are a big part of my life. My partner is also expecting his first niece as well. For us, family has never been something that can be contained within four walls. It’s not the people you live with, it’s the people you care for.

What's your favourite thing to do with your family? 

My favourite thing to do is to get everyone together under one roof and enjoy a nice meal. Sometimes life can be hectic and there’s so much going on that it’s hard to align everyone’s schedule, which happens much less than I’d like. When it does, I get to enjoy those moments together even more.

How does Paysafe ensure everyone's unique family situation is supported? 

Paysafe offers family support programs like HumanaCare, with resources to assist with childcare, financial support, health wellness, and more. Paysafe also offers Summer Hours, which is a great initiative to sign off early once a week. The most valuable resource we have with our family is time and with Summer Hours, we get to enjoy it that much more.

Ivanka Vuldzheva, SME Account Manager, Digital Wallets

Can you tell us about your family set up? 

I come from a big family, where I am the third child of three – I’m used to lots of noise around me all the time! It felt normal for me to build a family similar to the one I came from. It’s me, my husband and two boys, aged four and almost six. Otherwise, I have a broader definition of family. Family is where people share my values, where I feel understood and part of something bigger. I feel like this in different communities, including in Paysafe.

What's your favourite thing to do with your family? 

I cherish the time spent in joy and laughter and playing games all together – adults and children. We spend most weekends outside of the city, in the countryside. I believe that great memories are created when we travel together, when we are outside of our routines. I love teaching my children to do something new, such as skiing. It’s a blessing to watch them grow, learn and develop. At home, we also read together. For me, this is of paramount importance, and for the children it’s exciting and fun.

I also truly enjoy those very few quiet moments, when children are not around, so that I can recharge. While my family enjoys togetherness, we are trying to allow everyone to have some space to do what they love individually.

How does Paysafe ensure everyone's unique family situation is supported? 

I love the fact that Paysafe allows for flexibility of working hours. This is how my unique family situation is best supported. Flexible working arrangements help me do my best at work, while being able to attend an open class at my son’s pre-school and do that with no stress.

Paysafe is also committed to families – we have a great Parental Support Program in place. And notably, Paysafe has a dedicated Family Network, where I participate. We take pleasure in organising regular families-related events. Our aim is to bring value to Paysafe families and all colleagues through lectures, workshops on various topics and fun activities.

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