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5 top tips for launching a successful iGaming affiliate programme

Many iGaming operators are looking for a cost-effective and proven marketing channel to reach new users. We explore why a healthy iGaming affiliate programme can provide the answer.

For iGaming operators, affiliate programmes are a key tool for growth and user acquisition. But how do they know where to start?

For any operator looking to launch an iGaming affiliate programme, it’s essential that a detailed launch strategy and plan is put in place first. Here’s five steps for meeting pre-launch requirements that should get operators and their programmes off on the right foot.

1. Build a launch strategy and confirm internal processes

Launching an iGaming affiliate programme isn’t something to be taken lightly, and failing to prepare is preparing to fail. With this in mind, creating an in-depth launch outline for the first six months can help them get off to a strong start, establishing the activities to focus on, and determining KPIs to monitor while their affiliate programme is underway.

It’s important not to panic if things go awry – plans change – but with a strategy in place that gives a clear path forward, iGaming operators can get organised and be ready for all possibilities.

2. Understand competitors and the market

Understanding the market’s wider context is vital to ensuring an affiliate programme is as strong as can be. iGaming operators should break down the markets they intend to focus on, and work to understand how competitors behave in these markets.

It’s only by arming themselves with a strong knowledge of the focus market, who the most successful iGaming brands and affiliates are and the reasons behind this success, that operators can avoid common mistakes and ensure their affiliate programme gets underway with a bang.

3. Get to know advertising regulations and requirements

Regardless of the markets they focus on, iGaming operators must understand the different advertising regulations before launching an affiliate marketing programmes. 

Depending on the market, these rules, regulations and requirements tend to be very different – some even requiring their own licenses. By doing their due diligence prior to launch, iGaming operators can ensure they’re not hamstrung by red tape, and can be ready to quickly and efficiently assist their affiliates.

4. Offer competitive commissions and launch offers to attract attention

Given the popularity of the affiliate channel among today’s operators, those hoping to launch one themselves will need to find a way to attract affiliates, ensuring they’re more attractive to work with than their competitors.

Competitive commissions can be a hugely effective way of incentivising and enticing affiliates to a programme. In addition, welcome offers that affiliates can pass onto their audience should also help attract more attention.

When outlining this approach, it’s important for iGaming operators to be flexible with offers, understanding that pricing affects different placements, exposure, and conversion. Meanwhile, if a new brand is looking to launch an iGaming affiliate programme to gain market share, they should consider a short-term higher commission offer which can help operators to get noticed.

5. Confirm a player promotion calendar in advance

When laying the groundwork for launching an iGaming affiliate programme, it’s important to have the right player promotions planned out as far in advance as possible. These offers are meant to entice players to try an operator’s product, and their success can have a significant impact on whether a programme thrives or fails.

This is why it’s so important to have a clear idea of these promotions at an early stage, and let affiliates know when they’re available for them to include on their landing pages, offer to players and ultimately help drive conversion.

For more information on gaining an edge in iGaming, learn about how players pay, and how operators can better reach their customers. If you want to learn more about affiliates and affiliate marketing, visit our Income Access website or contact our Income Access team directly