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Loto-Quebec and Online Payments

In December 2010, Loto-Québec launched North America’s second government-owned and operated online gaming site,, to provide a responsible alternative to the unregulated online gambling sites in Québec. Established in Canada in 1969, Loto-Québec is a long-standing government agency that also runs a public lottery and operates four casinos, a video lottery network, two gaming halls, and network bingo activities.

Loto-Québec needed a payment partner capable of providing a payment system that wasn’t just secure, but would help it deliver on its commitment to responsible gaming, and provide a great user experience for its customers. We were the ideal partner to support them in this.

As a result of our innovative technology, more than 10,000 player accounts were successfully created in the first two months of launching, and the site continues to go from strength to strength.

Balancing Enhanced Player Experience With Responsible Gaming

As well as ensuring optimum payment security and a smooth payment experience, Loto-Québec needed its payment system to support its goal of being a responsible gaming site – by ensuring users were not under-age, were resident in Québec and by enabling them to retain control over their spending.

To make the account registration process easy and straightforward for users, Loto-Québec wanted a solution that would allow credit cards to be used as the primary tool for validating a player’s legal age (18) and proof of residency.

In addition, Loto-Québec needed to offer several funding options, including credit card payments and online Direct Debit. Limitations on the number of profiles using the same credit card were crucial to promote responsible gaming, while Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) had to be used for disbursement of winnings to minimise fraud risk.

Finally, all payment processing must be done through a PCI-DSS-compliant payment gateway that would be capable of supporting a mobile ready hosted payment page, using tokenization of cardholder data and providing comprehensive back-office reporting.

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Delivering Better Payments

We developed a fully customized end-to-end solution to meet the goals of For account registration, we integrated a third-party identity verification service into the payment gateway. When a player submits credit card information during the account registration process, a request is sent to a third-party information solutions agency. The credit card information is then authenticated and validated if the player is over 18 and resides in Québec.

For account funding, we provided both standard gateway offerings and several customized integrations, to allow credit card payments and Direct Debit. To meet the regulation criteria for funding disbursements, we offered our gateway’s EFT functionality for the site.

To reduce PCI DSS requirements associated with maintaining player accounts and the storing of credit card data, we implemented a tokenization solution, which captures cardholder information through a secure iFrame embedded in the hosted payment page, maximizing security for users’ payment details.

With all of this, we’ve helped Loto-Québec make the launch a success, and have paved the way for long-term growth. The combination of innovation and customization has had a huge and positive impact, enabling to provide players with a smooth, enjoyable gaming experience, while allowing the company to establish its credentials as a responsible gaming organization.