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Let's Talk Money: Choosing the Right Payment Method for Small Businesses  
… it comes to point-of-sale transactions and payment methods. Credit cards, cash, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming a part of everyday transactions. Of course, there are also those…  
Fraud, friction, risk & reward: Fighting online fraud  
… every rose has its thorn. Quantum computing will also make it easy for criminals to break public key cryptography, which is at the base of today’s online and mobile commerce. The problem is that the same…  
How to drive cross-border e-commerce growth  
… From digital wallets that link to individual customers’ preferred card or account to payments using cryptocurrencies, alternative payment methods can address the issues of relevance and variety whilst also…  
Tap-and-go: contactless cards reach 10  
… innovations to emerge, develop and thrive – from digital wallets and smartphone apps and biometrics to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.  Ten years since their introduction and contactless cards have…  
Lost in Transaction: key findings on consumer behaviour  
… security concerns, both when it comes to contactless and mobile payments. Whilst innovations such as cryptocurrencies and biometrics are taken up enthusiastically by a hard core of early adopters, this is…  
The changing face of payments in the digital age  
… time.  What’s more, while a majority of consumers report not having tried innovations such as cryptocurrencies and voice-activated systems, they’ve heard of them. And almost half expect merchants to…  
Payment security and the cult of convenience  
… and merchants can agree: cloud-based wallets, mobile wallets and alternative payments such as cryptocurrencies. Our research shows that these will continue making inroads into the mainstream. Customers…  
Fraud reduction as a strategy  
… driver of consumer behaviour. Which is why e-wallets, mobile payments and even cash alternatives such as cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular. But this doesn’t mean modern customers don’t care about…  
Consumers embrace new ways to pay  
… prepaid cards and cash vouchers, to payment apps such as Apple and Samsung Pay and the advent of cryptocurrencies, consumers have a wealth of choice; a trend that businesses must adapt to or risk being left…  
Can banks afford to ignore this?  
… across a global network of computers. Every time the information is amended by a user with a cryptographic code, the copies of the blockchain on all systems are updated. This decentralised approach…  
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