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How COVID-19 has permanently changed payment habits  
… pay by invoice, and eCash all continue to be popular payment methods in Germany and Austria, and cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, with 9% of consumers saying that they have used crypto to…  
Our key takeaways from Web Summit Rio 2023  
… information and education purposes. It does not protect against any financial loss, risk or fraud. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Capital Gains Tax or other taxes may apply. The value of…  
Embedded finance applications and opportunities: right product, right time, right place  
… through that customer data can then be used to anticipate their needs further down the line. The crypto factor No review of the drivers of embedded finance and changes in consumer appetite for alternative…  
Payment trends 2022: Shifting the needle in the next 12 months  
… technologies to integrate financial elements into their user experience. The mass arrival of crypto payments For years crypto evangelists have been waiting for more real-world use cases for…  
How to make payments using cryptocurrencies  
… The growth of cryptocurrencies has been one of the prevailing themes in finance for over decade, dating back to the release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 paper mooting the first direct peer-to-peer payment system. But…  
Changing of the card: why consumers are welcoming the age of the digital wallet  
… paying for online gaming, online gambling, leisure, travel, hospitality, eCommerce payments, and crypto. There are, however, signs of change. Overall, more respondents are using credit cards stored in a…  
The state of blockchain in Brazil: a futuristic approach to economic growth  
… nature, is at the heart of corporate innovation, with 52% of Fortune 100 companies having pursued crypto, blockchain, or Web3 initiatives since 2020. In the global marketplace, companies can gain a…  
US in-store SMBs embrace payments technology alongside cash acceptance  
… in-store even as retailers and merchants adopt eCommerce checkouts, contactless payments and explore crypto Houston, Texas – Close to three quarters (71%) of U.S. small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that…  
The Latin America effect: Payments trends and a continent of opportunity  
… in Brazil), and population keen to adopt APMs (63% had used a digital or mobile wallet, eCash, or crypto in the last month) has made this a market with huge potential. eCash equals inclusion Although…  
The trends that defined 2020, and opportunities in 2021  
… next in 2021? Looking ahead to 2021, here are five trends that are worth keeping an eye on: Crypto coming of age Banking as a service Super-apps: payments, credit, insurance, investment Growing…  
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