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What are the top concerns for businesses in 2019?  
… depending on the payment method. At 36%, merchants are most worried about credit card fraud. But cryptocurrencies, mobile apps, prepaid cards and even payment by invoice also have their fair share of…  
The next year in payments: 11 trends to expect in 2019  
… of mobile wallets will grow even further, rising from 29% to 62% in the same period. Normalising cryptocurrencies: the role of stablecoins Although the values of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have…  
Payments: what happened in 2018?  
… Similarly 38% accept prepaid cards, and 14% plan to accept them in the next two years. The future of cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies have been the ‘next big thing’ for a while, but their much-anticipated…  
Is Generation Z shaping the future of payments?  
… and this will make shopping more enjoyable. Also, more Gen Z consumers can see themselves using cryptocurrencies to make purchases in the next two years if they know more about them or they become more…  
The role of blockchain in tackling cybercrime  
… upgrade over current systems? For most people who have heard of blockchain, it is in reference to cryptocurrencies, and more specifically Bitcoin. And the media narrative surrounding Bitcoin is often…  
ICE key takeaways: Priorities for iGaming in 2020  
… Directives are an extension of the directive’s scope to cover all virtual currencies including cryptocurrencies, stricter Know Your Customer (KYC) commitments for prepaid cards, and an extension of…  
My Paysafe: A week in the life of Maria Mitreva  
… to our automated accounting and reconciliation system, and also new products (such as Skrill’s cryptocurrency service). We keep upgrading our integration with EBS and our reconciliation system in line…  
Lost in Transaction: Gen Z expectations at the checkout  
… and online If Generation Z has a more positive outlook on new payment innovations such as cryptocurrencies To discover how consumer attitudes to new payment methods are changing download Lost…  
Offering more payment choices at the checkout is a must. Here's why.  
… of customers have tried prepaid cards, direct bank transfers, e-cash, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2021. For example, almost a quarter (23%) of all consumers used a…  
Paysafe’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine  
… in the war zone.  There is also an option to make donations to the Ukrainian Government in cryptocurrency via our digital wallet, and we are exploring further ways to work with our partners to…  
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