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Building a more transparent PaaS marketplace

PYMNTS have released their June Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) Tracker, in collaboration with Paysafe.

PYMNTS have released their June Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) Tracker, in collaboration with Paysafe.

Download the tracker here for a rundown of APEXX’s new platform which helps merchants navigate the path to finding the right PaaS providers.

This month’s Tracker also includes a round-up of recent news highlights from around the PaaS world, including Paysafe announcing it has teamed with Google to be one of the first Payment Service Providers to launch in-app Android Pay capabilities to its merchants in Canada. Also in the news is Posera’s SecureTablePay pay-at-the-table solution to the U.S. market. In case you couldn’t get to Money2020 in Copenhagen this week, there’s a quick and easy-to-read synopsis of Paysafe’s whitepaper “Beyond Payments: Five Proven Strategies To Achieve Cross-Border E-Commerce Growth”.

The Payments as a Service Tracker™, a Paysafe collaboration, is designed to give an overview of the trends and activities of merchant platforms that not only enable payment processing of new and old technologies, but also integrate with other features to improve the merchant’s experience, including customer engagement, security, omnichannel retail experience, analytics, inventory management, software and hardware management, and more.