Case Study


Giving MINDBODY and its merchants a faster, more holistic payments experience


Offer a fully integrated payment solution

Take the pain out of payments for their users

Provide simple and quick onboarding

Allow users to start taking payments quickly

MINDBODY is a leading global provider of web and mobile business management solutions to the health, wellness and beauty industries. Launched in 2000, it has turned a simple vision into technology that connects more than 37,000 professionals and the millions of customers they serve.

Using our knowledge, expertise and sector-tailored solutions, we’ve provided MINDBODY with a fully integrated payment processing solution since 2006, which has seen the company grow and expand across the UK and Europe.

As a result, MINDBODY is now the largest cloud-based software provider in the health, wellness and beauty industries, with customers across more than 100 countries.

Navigating business challenges through tailored solutions

As well as growth, merchant experience has been a key priority for MINDBODY and remains one of its guiding principles.

The company wanted to take the pain out of payments for their merchants, so that they could focus on the more strategic elements of their business. Opening merchant accounts for payment processing, speed and simplicity were all key needs for MINDBODY and their customers.

As a result, we were challenged to create a tailor-made solution to tackle the complexities of working with global acquiring banks – particularly when it comes to the cumbersome upfront application requirements which see some merchants waiting weeks to create new accounts.

MINDBODY also wanted us to make onboarding simpler and more streamlined. This meant looking at integration with MINDBODY’s software platform across multiple countries and currencies, in order to offer their customers a complete, seamless solution. The aim was to allow merchant customers to begin accepting customer payments more efficiently than ever before.

Delivering innovation and support

Working closely with MINDBODY, we developed a fully-automated, user-friendly online merchant application that is integrated directly – without the need for a payment gateway. The solution means new merchants can now process customer transactions within 24 hours.

Our development of a real-time merchant onboarding service also gives MINDBODY merchants the opportunity to start accepting payments quickly – this includes access to a full merchant account, payment gateway, reconciliation and support. In addition, merchants have access to key alternative payment methods such as UK Direct Debit.

We’re fully committed to supporting MINDBODY’s growth in the long term too. We give the company access to our fully dedicated expert team who assist their merchants prior to launch and once it is live. The combination of innovation and support has had a huge and positive impact, helping MINDBODY clients get their payment processing set up quickly – so they can focus on meeting customer needs.