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Pre-paid and Post-pay Cash. Open your doors to more customers.

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Bring cash acceptance to your online wallet with Paysafe's proprietary cash solutions. Choose between Pre-pay and Post-pay options to bring your e-commerce shop onto the high street.


Online Prepaid Pays Off. 

According to the latest studies, 35% of all EU citizens do not have a credit card. Moreover, many credit card owners do not want to use their card online for fear of sensitive information being abused or lost. paysafecard is a cash voucher bought instore that can be used to buy online, allowing vendors to sell online securely. 

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Want to attract new customers and generate additional sales?
Paysafecash brings cash online. 

Paysafecash is a new, alternative post-pay payment method for customers who want to pay online easily and complete their purchase in cash. Online shopping made possible for those without access or reluctant to use credit cards.

Attract a new group of customers wanting to pay for their online purchases with cash and generate additional sales revenue from new customers.

Paysafecash provides your customers with one of the most innovative, secure, and simple payment methods available online.

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We've worked with paysafecard since 2007 and in that whole time it has been an absolutely reliable partner. paysafecard is a huge market player in the online prepaid solutions market and it has significantly increased our turnover.



Andreas Schulze, Head of Payment, Gameforge, SCS

Benefit from the highest security standards in the industry.

With a fast-growing suite of pre-pay and post-pay cash options, Paysafe is giving consumers the ability to use cash online. Your customers get to use their preferred method of purchase with security and convenience, and you gain incremental revenues and acceptance through a simple integration.

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