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  • Security and Data Protection- P2PE across all devices
  • Remote Business Management - Cloud based
  • Cloud Syncing
  • 24x7 Support – white glove service for multi-location installations
  • Open App Market


Clover is an industry leading POS system that offers multiple hardware and software configurations along with an App Store that boasts over 200 downloadable Apps to help SMBs and mid-market merchants build, run and scale their businesses.  

Paysafe is proud to be a leading reseller of Clover business management solutions. Clover which combines flexible, scalable point-of-sale software, more than 200 Apps, and a variety of hardware options (Station, Mini, Flex, Mobile, and Go) to deliver the most powerful, yet affordable, business management solution in the industry.

Clover Station

Clover Station is a full-service point-of-sale solution that puts more than 200 free and paid business management applications (Clover Apps) at your customer’s fingertips. Make payments, track inventory, manage time sheets, run reports, print from its connectivity hub. It’s a cinch to set up with everything right at your fingertips. Delivered in a sleek, countertop friendly configuration, Clover Station features:

  • 14” swivel touch screen display
  • Integrated EMV and MagStripe reader
  • Backup Batter feature
  • Integrated barcode scanner/camera
  • Customer facing printer display
  • NFC and Apple Pay acceptance
  • Optional cash drawer

Clover Station Pro

  • Affordable yet powerful business management.
  • Configurable or pre-set packages.
  • Solutions for retail, personal services and quick service and full-service restaurants.

Clover Station Pro for Retail

With Clover Station Pro, the customer is in control. With the new outward facing smart terminal, customers can confirm their orders, join or activate the loyalty program, and facilitate their own check-out.

On the flip side, merchants can track and order inventory, implement loyalty programs quickly and easily, view and analyze daily performance reports, and create team schedules and manage attendance. And that’s just the beginning. With over 200 free and paid Apps, merchants can put Clover Station Pro to work for their business.

Station Pro is modern and functional with a 14” HD base display, 7” HD customer facing display, and WiFi/4G LTE connectivity with Wired LAN back-up. Fingerprint logins, integrated EMV® chip sensors and contactless acceptance out of the box are just a few of the convenient features. And with end-to-end encryption and data tokenization, merchants know that their customer data is protected.

Ready to go, right out of the box.

Clover Station Pro for Quick Serve Restaurants

Specialized point-of-sale and all-in-one business management for your restaurant.

The all new Clover Station Pro provides owners with a simple, yet powerful, business management system specifically engineered for quick service restaurants and single-location bars.

Perfect for single location quick serve restaurants (QSRs), Clover Station Pro comes out of the box ready to go. A customized software package lets owners build complex menus, manage inventory, direct orders automatically to the kitchen, pre-authorize bar tabs and easily deploy customer loyalty programs.

Station Pro comes with a super-fast Qualcomm processor and its sleek design features two HD displays; 14” base and 7” customer facing. In addition to WiFi/4G LTE connectivity there’s also Wired LAN back-up capability. Contactless, EMV and traditional, Station Pro makes sure you can accept payments the way customers want to pay. And, with data tokenization and end-to-end encryption, customer data is safe and secure.

Clover Station Pro is the ideal solution for QSRs or bars. Quick and easy and ready to go right out of the box.

Clover Station Pro for Full Serve Restaurants

Tools and functionality to support full-service restaurants; all with the power and reliability of a trusted point-of-sale solution.

Out of the box functionality gives single or multi-location restauranteurs with the ability to seamlessly connect and communicate with both the front and back of the house.

Take orders and facilitate payments tableside, track individual orders for any sized party, offer split check and issue individual checks as needed, customize floor plans and assign tables and pre-authorize tabs all quickly and easily with Clover Station Pro. And, in addition to traditional contactless, magstripe and EMV® acceptance, restaurants can also offer Scan to Pay; contactless QR payment acceptance through Apply Pay®.

Station Pro is powered by a super-fast Qualcomm processor and features fingerprint login and built-in camera and bar code scanners. Cash drawer and receipt printer are included, and owners can tether Station Pro to a Clover Flex for additional in-location mobility.

Perfect for any size full-service restaurant, Clover Pro is ready to go right out of the box.

Clover Mini

Much like Clover Station, Clover Mini is a robust all-in-one solution that offers businesses with a choice of a full-featured point-of-sale system (paid) or a free basic payment acceptance solution. Merchants can select from a wide variety of free and paid Apps. Perfect for a wide variety of business types, Mini features and:

  • Integrated thermal receipt printer,
  • WiFi/LTE connectivity,
  • 7” touch screen display,
  • Barcode scanner/camera,
  • Accepts any payment type MagStripe, EMV, NFC and Pin Debit

Clover Flex

The next generation of payment acceptance.

Accept payments at the counter, tableside, or on the go.

Now with twice the speed and memory, Clover Flex puts the power of mobile business management in the merchant’s hands. With its built-in scanner and printer, Clover Flex is the perfect solution for a wide variety of businesses including retail, quick serve restaurants, personal services, field service, restaurant and more.

Its 5” touch screen and new fingerprint login make it easy to use. Lightning fast with an updated 8-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB Ram and 16GB memory, the second-generation Flex delivers twice the speed of its predecessor. Connect Flex seamlessly via WiFi or optional 4G LTE and enjoy up to 8 hours of battery life between charges. Be rest assured customer data is safe and secure with end-to-end encryption and tokenization. And, build out Flex to meet the individual needs of your business with access to over 200 free and premium Apps.

Customers choose how they want to pay: swipe, dip or tap; credit or debit. Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Alipay® - contactless payments are no problem with Flex.

In-store, curbside, delivery or pop-up, Clover Flex has it covered. And, it seamlessly connects with other Clover devices to create a holistic business management solution across one or many locations.

Clover Go

The perfect on-the-go solution as a stand-alone or tethered to another Clover device. Available in both EMV and EMV plus contactless hardware options, Clover Go is compatible with Android or iOS devices and comes with the features you expect from Clover, including access to a wide variety of apps in the Clover app market, including:

  • Support for EMV, MSR and NFC payments as well as the ability to record cash and check transactions
  • Compatibility with Apple and Android Devices, both phones and tablets
  • Unlimited to number of users
  • Multi User/Multi MID capability

Clover Software

Configurable and scalable. Clover offers merchants maximum flexibility with the ability to choose the software package that supports the individual features and functionality needed for their individual business. In addition to the Clover software, merchants can further personalize their solution with over 200 free and paid Apps through the Clover App Market.

Feature Payment Plus
(Go, Flex, or Mini Only)
Register Lite
(Go, Flex or Mini Only)
Register Counter Service Restaurant Table Service Restaurant
Employee Management X X X X X
Basic Customer Engagement X X X X X
Robust Reporting Basic X X X X
Access to Clover App Market Basic Basic X X X
Inventory Management   X X X X
Order Management   X X X X
Item Modifiers     X X X
Order Types     X X X
Item Variants     X    
Menu Management       X X
Tab Pre-Authorization       X X
Bill Splitting         X
Table Mapping         X
Table Ordering/Payment         X


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