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Top of the class in education platforms.

The education sector is going through a transformational period where technology and ever-increasing demands from students, parents and teachers are driving change. 

As one of the leading providers of payment solutions to platforms, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise in driving value and growth to the education platform sector with cross-border payment options and payment management solutions.

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One stop for administrators, teachers, students and parents

Our payment solution integrates seamlessly with your existing education platform. Organizations and administrators can start collecting payments through a range of methods and currencies, meaning a better user experience for students, parents and teachers. 

What’s more, it’s designed to be as easy to use as possible, with features that allow the automatic distribution of funds to different departments in the same institution, making it simple and straightforward for all teams to benefit from a single payment system.

Smarter payment methods for all

Not everyone can pay one lump sum for their expensive tuition fees. That’s why we offer our Pay Later solution to help students and parents break up the cost. This installment program means they can pay in full over a longer period of time, while your user gets the complete amount straight away.

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Payments from any currency

With our automated currency conversions and competitive exchange rates, you’ll never have to manually convert currency again – so you can easily accept payments from any country. Our large portfolio of international currencies, APMs and wallets will allow you to grow and reach more students than ever before.

Supporting your reconciliation needs

Today’s education providers need to act like a business, and with the introduction of GDPR and other data protection policies, the sector needs to ensure it continues to maintain regulatory compliance. 

That’s why we offer specialist reporting tools, so you and your users don’t need to spend days looking at receipts or hours collating spreadsheets. Instead, we gather all your transactions instantaneously, meaning you save hours of your time.

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