Your compliant connection to prepaid card issuing

  • Offer commercial or consumer programmes to your customers
  • Partner with a global leader in payment and card solutions
  • Leverage our Mastercard and Visa issuing licenses 
  • Settle in multiple currencies 

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Our Services 

Paysafe provides fully compliant services to organisations that wish to issue prepaid and e-cash products within the EEA via our e-money license and our Mastercard and Visa principal memberships, also known as BIN sponsorship.

Effortless set up of your prepaid card programme

Your secure and reliable partner

Focus on your go to market strategy while we:

  • Evaluate the prepaid programme from a risk, regulatory and brand compliance perspective.
  • Receive, reconcile and manage the settlment of your funds.
  • Support your programme from start to launch, and beyond.

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All the right licenses.
None of the hassle.

We've got you covered. With our existing relationships and licenses you meet the rules and regulations to undertake regulated financial activities as well as protect your customers.


  • Mastercard and Visa's payment rails
  • FCA license for e-money issuing 

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Your prepaid card. Your brand.

We deliver your prepaid programme, the way you like it by offering you:

  • In-house issuing 
  • Acquiring services offering card loading options. 
  • Connections to leading card manufactorers and
  • Payment processors


  • Consumer
  • Corporate

Popular Prepaid programmes:

Consumer: Travel | Campus and Transit | Reloadable gift cards | Digital Wallet Companion | Youth cards | Incentive and Rewards | Branded payout cards

Corporate: Payroll cards| Expenses and Travel 

Being in a growth industry

Prepaid cards are no longer simply the last resort for the unbanked; they’re solving all kinds of problems across all kinds of sectors, all over the world.

By only allowing users to spend what they load, prepaid cards provide the convenience of a credit card without the risk of debt, and reduce fraud exposure because they’re not linked to a bank account. They can also help save money abroad by locking in favourable exchange rates when loaded.

These are some of many reasons why the global prepaid market is expected to grow to $536bn by 2020.

So, why make us the first choice for a card solutions partner?

In a nutshell

We set up the prepaid programme relevant to your specific business model.

Reliable Partner

  • Large, secure, reliable global company
  • Experience of managing our own large programmes
  • UK based issuer – not offshore
  • Issuing and Acquiring from same provider

Flexible Approach

  • Offering issuing for both commercial and consumer programmes across EEA
  • Reliable process and quick turn arounds for co-brands and sub programmes
  • Comfortable with external authorisation and robust process in place

Valuable Connections

  • Strong scheme relationships (Mastercard and Visa)
  • Multiple settlement currencies
  • Processor agnostic and multiple processor connections
  • Willingness to drive innovation (wearables / HCE) etc

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