Secured Checkout

Secure. Flexible. Customizable. The checkout your customer wants.

  • Easy-to-use JavaScript SDK
  • Qualify for PCI SAQ-A
  • No redirection required
  • 3-D Secure 1.0.2 support

Improve conversions with Secured Checkout

Secured Checkout allows your business to securely accept and process payments, housed in an enhanced customer checkout experience.

Our unique features allow your business to significantly reduce PCI compliance requirements, giving you confidence that your customers’ transactions are secure.

Profile Management and Scheduled Payments

Store customer details securely to ensure quick and easy repeat payments or pass a schedule of payments with real time oversight.

Fraud Management Tools

Paysafe’s unique heritage of managing complex businesses, means you benefit from our extensive fraud detection and prevention tools embedded in our processing platform.

Data Management and Reporting

Explore the fine details of transaction data and reporting through our secure web-based Merchant Portal.

Integration Support

Integration and user guides are available for developers and our dedicated Customer Support team is available to assist you at every point of the integration. 

Need plug and play ease with impenetrable security?

Provide a compliant, optimized checkout flow that keeps your customer on your website and qualify you for PCI SAQ-A.

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Customize the checkout experience

Have complete control over the look and feel of your checkout experience, while still qualifying for SAQ-A compliance.

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  paysafe.fields.setup("my Base64 encoded single-use-token API key", {
    style: {
      input: {
        "font-family": "robotoregular,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif",
	"font-weight": "normal",
	"font-size": "14px"
      "#card-number.valid": {
	"color": "green"
      ":focus": {
	"color": "yellow"
  }, function (instance, error) {...});

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