Provide your customers with secure payments on the go.

  • EMV-compliant terminals
  • Wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy scalability

Expand your platform with seamless, integrated card-present payments

From growing start-ups who want to move beyond online sales, to enterprise users who want to truly optimize their customers’ omnichannel experience, your platforms and users demand a better card-present payment solution.

Paysafe offers a cost-effective, easy to integrate, and easy to scale in-person payment solution for fixed locations or remote users. Expand into new markets with additional delivery or service channels and benefit from improved security. 

Simplify operations, improve workflow

No more need for a separate system – the hardware terminal works in conjunction with your software. And no more duplication and manual workarounds for back office functionality. Paysafe’s payment solution will simplify your customers’ business operations and improve workflow.

Security and convenience

Handpoint’s EMV-compliant terminal options are Bluetooth-enabled and follow P2PE rules, so card-present transactions can be processed anywhere. Plus, your platform never touches cardholder data and therefore remains out of scope for PCI – any payment-related security is embedded into the terminal.

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