Merchant Management

Set up flows and payouts relevant to your platform and business model.

  • Easily split payouts and refunds
  • Unlimited number of splits
  • Generate revenue by collecting a service fee

Payouts: effortless

With Merchant Management, you can set up flows and payouts that best suit your platform. As a software platform, you may want your individual users to set up their own merchant accounts. If you are a marketplace platform, you may be collecting the payment and routing payouts to multiple users. You can generate revenue by collecting a percentage-based fee per transaction, or split payouts for credit and debit card transactions and bank transfers. No matter the case, we can make our solution work for you!

Leverage our seamless suite of APIs to make the payouts work for you

Our split payouts feature allows platforms and merchants to use the Card Payments API or the Direct Debit API to split transactions among linked accounts.

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                    curl -X POST \
  -u devcentre322: cGF5c2FmZV9hY2NvdW50OnBheXNhZmVfYXBpX2tleV9mb3JfdGVzdGluZw== \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d ' {
         "merchantRefNum" : "demo-1",
         "amount" : 10098,
         "card" : {
           "cardNum" : "4111111111111111",
             "street":"100 Queen Street West",
             "zip":"M5H 2N2"
          "splitpay": [
              "linkedAccount": "123124124",
              "percent": 5
              "linkedAccount": "767862873",
              "amount": 500
        } '

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