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Thank you for your interest in Paysafe Investor Relations.

On 21 December 2017, Paysafe Group plc de-listed from the main market of the London Stock Exchange and moved into private ownership. Shares in Paysafe Group plc are no longer available for sale or purchase on public markets.

If you were a shareholder at the date of delisting, you may find the following FAQ helpful.

 Q: Do I need to take any further action in order to participate in the sale of my shares for 590p each?
A: You do not need to take any action. Now that the deal has completed, your shares will be acquired (if not acquired already) and the funds credited to you. Consult your broker for more details.

Q: When will the funds be credited to my account in exchange for my shares?
A: Proceeds from the sale of your shares will be transferred, or cheques posted, approximately two weeks after the scheme effective date of 20 December 2017, depending on your country of domicile and the account the shares are held in. Consult your broker for more details. 

Q: Will I be able to continue to hold my shares, or purchase shares in Paysafe after the deal completes?
A: Under the scheme, a company owned by Blackstone and CVC acquired the entire share capital of Paysafe. Paysafe shares have been delisted and are not available for sale or purchase on public markets.