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The changing face of payments in the digital age  
… time.  What’s more, while a majority of consumers report not having tried innovations such as cryptocurrencies and voice-activated systems, they’ve heard of them. And almost half expect merchants to…  
Consumers embrace new ways to pay  
… prepaid cards and cash vouchers, to payment apps such as Apple and Samsung Pay and the advent of cryptocurrencies, consumers have a wealth of choice; a trend that businesses must adapt to or risk being left…  
Can banks afford to ignore this?  
… across a global network of computers. Every time the information is amended by a user with a cryptographic code, the copies of the blockchain on all systems are updated. This decentralised approach…  
What to keep an eye on this Black Friday  
… sales. The evolution of cash has led to more consumers adopting mobile wallets (24 percent) and cryptocurrencies (12 percent) for payments. While debit and credit cards remain king for consumers when…  
The new payment ecosystem driving digital marketplaces  
… to adapt to an array of new mobile wallets and P2P payment schemes emerging through blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  Another factor pushing this forward is demographics: over 85% of 18-34 year olds plan…  
What’s next for payments in 2018 and beyond?  
… from our pockets, other countries may also launch similar initiatives. A coming of age for cryptocurrencies? Speaking of digital cash, cryptocurrencies, long touted as the next big thing, are…  
The year ahead  
… as Paysafe is demonstrating as part of a Canadian smart city pilot project.  6. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The jury’s still out on exactly which cryptocurrencies will prevail in payments, but the…  
Challenging the financial services status quo  
… micro loans via a mobile app to the under banked, right through to a platform which allows online cryptocurrency trading. The founders of payolution definitely had financial technology at the heart of…  
Make data-privacy pay  
… boil down to accountability.” The future is blockchain When asked about the potential of cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin and ethereum, Kornitzer acknowledges its growing influence on both the…  
The building blocks of the financial future?  
… Anything that can be recorded digitally can be stored in a blockchain-based ledger, whether it’s a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, or something such as a set of shipping records held by a retailer. Even fiat…  
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