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My Paysafe: A week in the life of Vanessa Hurt

Vanessa is a legal and regulatory counsel, working in our Vienna office.

Do you have a typical day or week at Paysafe?

I have been working as a Legal & Regulatory Counsel at Paysafe slightly over three years now, and can say that there is no typical day or week at Paysafe for me. I work in a fast-paced environment often with competing priorities, but this is one of the reasons why I enjoy being part of the regulatory team so much. In general, the team I work in provides regulatory support to the Paysafe business globally (excluding North America, which is handled by our colleagues based over there), on issues concerning payments generally as well as specific industries such as cryptocurrency trading and online gambling.

What surprised you most when you joined Paysafe?

The thing that surprised me most was how people oriented Paysafe is. Paysafe has a young and dynamic team, which gives employees the potential to grow and innovate. Among many other initiatives, Paysafe offers several programmes to support its employees’ development. For example, currently I have the great opportunity to be part of the Paysafe Front Runner Programme, a global high potential programme for young professionals at Paysafe. The programme aims to boost the performance of high potential non-managers and increase promotability within the organisation.

What motivated you to join Paysafe?

I completed my bachelor’s degree in law in the United Kingdom and my master’s in European and international business law in Vienna, Austria. I always wanted to work for an international and diverse company, ideally from my hometown in Vienna, and this was one of the initial reasons that I was drawn to Paysafe. It has also always been important to me to work for a company that I can identify with, which is the case with Paysafe through its company values, which are Open, Focused, Pioneering and Courageous.

Are you involved in any of Paysafe’s Community & Environment or Diversity & Inclusion initiatives?

Working in a diverse and inclusive environment is important to me, so when I had the opportunity to become a member of the DACH Diversity and Inclusion Team, I immediately took it. Being part of the team gives me the chance to be active in organising local initiatives and driving this important project in the DACH region to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

What do you think about diversity and inclusion at Paysafe?

Paysafe is making a great effort in pushing this important topic to the top of the agenda and making it an integral part of our DNA by improving our own diversity and inclusion practices across our organisation. We have several networks to support this across the globe, which are dedicated to ensuring that we have a diverse and inclusive workplace here at Paysafe.

How do you get informed about what is happening at the company?

Fortunately, we have many great resources to stay up to date about things happening at Paysafe. I receive several different newsletters, which keep me updated on information that I need to carry out my role well. We also receive regular updates from our executives via emails or at our virtual all company meetings (townhalls) and I have weekly catch-ups with my line manager and the rest of the regulatory team. Especially during these uncertain times, the many sources of information available to Paysafe’s employees have been greatly appreciated.

How have you found having to work from home as opposed to working from the office? Would you explore this opportunity in the future if given the opportunity?

Luckily, we always had the opportunity to work from home when needed. Due to COVID-19 we of course had to switch to working from home for a prolonged period. Given that we are a digital organisation, we were able to move to remote working with very minimal impact. I enjoy the flexibility to work from home when needed but cannot imagine working from home on a permanent basis, as I would miss the face-to-face communication with my colleagues. In my opinion, hybrid workplace models are ideal, giving employees the flexibility to work from the office and/or from home.

Describe Paysafe in 3 words.

International, dynamic, open.

You should choose to work for Paysafe, because…

…it is a great place to work, you are made to feel part of the Paysafe team from day one, and you have a great opportunity to grow within a leading fintech company.

Vanessa Hurt has just celebrated her third year at Paysafe and is currently working as a Legal & Regulatory Counsel. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law as well as a master’s degree in European and international Business Law.

Outside of the office, her interests include travelling, indoor cycling, and spending time with family and friends.