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My Paysafe: A week in the life of Charlotte Bornstein

Charlotte is a strategic partnership manager, working in our Montreal office.

Is there a typical day or week for you at Paysafe?

Being part of the Strategic Partnerships Team at Paysafe, every day is different which is what I love about my role and what makes it so interesting and fun! Working on a diverse array of projects that span across all our divisions, I find opportunities every day to learn new things about different areas of the business from IT, to Compliance, Underwriting, Legal, Product, Marketing and more. Despite having joined Paysafe during the pandemic, and working remotely, I’ve been able to build relationships with many new colleagues around the world from various teams due to the nature of my role. I’m constantly learning from my colleagues which enables me to grow both personally and professionally on a daily basis.

What motivated you to join Paysafe?

I was drawn to Paysafe because of the company’s great culture, passionate and knowledgeable team, customer-oriented approach, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and collaborative environment. Transitioning to Paysafe from an industry outside of Payments, I was also excited to join a company that was at the forefront of its field and that was embracing technology in exciting ways. I was keen to learn about an industry that’s booming and helping businesses to grow and scale despite the impact of the pandemic. After over a year of working with Paysafe, my motivations for wanting to join the team have been solidified. I’ve been given all the necessary tools and resources to expand my skill set, while developing a deep new expertise in payments.

What surprised you when you first came to work at Paysafe?

What surprised me most when I first came to Paysafe was how welcoming the team was. Paysafe is really like a big family. I was impressed by how easy it was to assimilate into the culture. From the get-go everyone has been so friendly, interested in getting to know me and in learning more about my background, willing to help with my questions, happy to have me listen in on customer calls, and eager to share relevant materials to help get me up to speed with the company. It was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Paysafe adapted to building such a collaborative and inclusive remote work environment – which says a lot about our culture!

What do you think about diversity and inclusion at Paysafe?

Based on the nature of our global workforce, it’s very clear that Paysafe is committed to promoting Diversity and Inclusion across the company. This is reinforced to employees by the various activities, network groups and campaigns that our Human Resources team coordinates around diversity and equality. Since starting with Paysafe, I’ve met and gotten to know many colleagues from different backgrounds and to learn about their unique cultures. I even had the opportunity to help lead a company-wide D&I event on the topic of my religion, Judaism, to help educate my colleagues about the Jewish culture and traditions. I was impressed by how interested everyone was to learn more about my background – which is a testament to how open and inclusive the Paysafe team is.

Describe Paysafe in three words.

Innovative, Customer-Oriented, Diverse (both culturally and in terms of our product offering).

You should choose to work for Paysafe, because…

Paysafe makes work fun! We have a team-oriented culture built of smart, driven, and passionate people. Paysafe offers a collaborative environment with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We also promote creativity and innovation, and new ideas are always encouraged. This empowers employees to voice their suggestions and to make an impact regardless of their position or seniority.

Does Paysafe do a good job of communicating with its employees?

Paysafe does a great job at communicating with employees. Our executive and internal communications team provide weekly updates on what’s going on with the company (both internally and externally) whether it be new M&A, partnerships, initiatives, accomplishments, and more…We also have quarterly company-wide town-halls led by the executive team who present on each area of the business. In addition, Paysafe conducts regular employee engagement surveys to monitor the wellbeing of employees, which helps the company identify areas where we can improve. Paysafe has a very open, transparent, and nonhierarchical culture. The executive team makes it clear that the lines of communication are always open to employees to reach out and ask questions on topics of interest.

What makes (your job) fun?

Working with an awesome team for a company that is continuously evolving and growing!

How have you found having to work from home as opposed to working from the office? Would you explore this opportunity in the future if given the opportunity?

I started with Paysafe during the pandemic, so I’ve only had the experience of working from home rather than from the office. I believe that working remotely has its advantages such as working more closely with international colleagues, in addition to increased efficiency and productivity. With video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, communication and collaboration with colleagues from around the world has been made easy and seamless. When it comes to in-person employee engagement, Paysafe has done a great job organizing COVID-friendly meetups during the summer enabling local colleagues to meet and get to know each other. While I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working from home, I’m also looking forward to the office re-opening and having more physical interaction and opportunities to build stronger relationships with colleagues.

Charlotte Bornstein recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Paysafe and is currently working in the Strategic Partnerships Team. Her role involves developing new enterprise level partnerships, connecting the dots between our business units to uncover new cross-selling prospects, and working closely with our shareholders to identify opportunities to build partnerships with their other portfolio companies.

Charlotte has eight years of experience working in different Business Development and Partnership roles. Prior to starting with Paysafe, Charlotte spent five years working in the airline industry for Air Canada. She was also on the board for Girls20, an organization advancing young women, and was involved with the accelerator program, NEXT Canada, as part of the application reviewing committee.