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Travel operators ignore mobile at their own peril

Apr 27, 2017

Why ignoring mobile payments is no longer an option for travel operators

Andrea Dunlop, Paysafe CEO of Acquiring & Card Solutions, writes on why ignoring mobile payments is no longer an option for travel operators in PaymentEye.

Booking travel arrangements online has never been faster, cheaper, or more convenient for consumers. The rise of smartphones in particular has resulted in an uplift in last minute bookings, and with the younger generation driving the digital shift, travel operators need to deploy mobile-first experiences, or run the risk of being left behind.

A recent study by ABTA revealed that in the UK, 76% of people booked their holiday online in 2016, with desktop PC being the most popular choice. 23% booked using a tablet, and 13% used their mobile phone. Interestingly, of the 13% who used a mobile for their booking, 56% said the process was difficult compared to booking on a desktop PC.

A mobile-connected world comes with certain expectations — for consumers, booking a holiday via a mobile device should be as quick and convenient as ordering a pizza. This starts with a great browsing experience, and ends with a secure and frictionless checkout process, that allows the consumer to complete the transaction using their preferred payment method.

Read Andrea’s article in full here.