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Top of the class in education payment platforms

In-depth knowledge of digital payments solutions - to help drive the growth and value of your school payments platform.

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A one-stop payments solution for education management platforms

Technological advance, and increasing demand, continues to drive transformation in the education sector.

You need an integrated payments solution that's able to keep pace with the industry, and help grow your reach to more students.

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Education Management Platform
Accept Multiple Payment Methods

Smart organization

Simple and easy. Collect payments using a variety of methods - and automatically distribute funds to different departments within the same institution.

Accept Multiple Currencies

Take payments in any currency

Never manually convert currency again. Our automated solutions include a large portfolio of international currencies, APMs, wallets, all with competitive exchange rates - allowing you to reach more students than ever before.

Reconciliation Tools

Supporting your reconciliation needs

We offer specialist reporting tools giving you immediate access to all your transactions. No need to spend days looking at receipts, or hours collating spreadsheets.

Our powerful API features allow you to plug-in seamlessly.

Our Card Payments API allows merchants to process credit card transactions using the REST protocol. The protocol uses JSON for all requests and responses.


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Plug and Play
Easy set up and connection to a range of tailor made and customisable payment solutions

24hr Support
Dedicated technical and customer support, whenever you need it.

A Single API
One API giving you access everything, from payment acceptance to wallets and APMs.

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