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Case Study


Building Stack

Building Stack is a property management software company headquartered in Montreal. The company was founded in 2009 by Pablo Menghini, an Engineer, and Jonathan Margel, a Property Manager. They were seeking a more efficient tool to manage their properties. They developed a platform tailored to property managers and tenants to manage communications, centralize lease information, submit maintenance requests and make online payments – all in a single platform.





Property Management Software



Our Solution

Online rent payments made easy


  • Simplify rental payments and eliminate processing cheques
  • Enable easy account set-up and collect rent payments faster
  • Give tenants the flexibility to pay how they want and split rent payments
  • Streamline PCI compliance security requirements


Building Stack previously used an in-house payment gateway and found it time-consuming to manage. As their company continued to grow, Building Stack realized the need for a cost-effective way to streamline their payment process, so they began their search for a payments partner.  They found Paysafe, who also has a local office in Montreal, and they could tailor a solution to their business model and meet their payment needs.

Specific products for exceptional results

Through their integration with Paysafe, Building Stack automated their onboarding process and now users can quickly set-up their payment account directly within their platform. It also enables tenants to pay their rent via direct debit or credit card, and they can even split rent payments amongst roommates. This means property managers have fewer cheques to shuffle and less trips to the bank, allowing them to receive payments quicker and more efficiently. Plus, Paysafe’s flexibility allowed Building Stack to negotiate their pricing and ensure their customers receive the most cost-effective payment processing.

Building Stack has streamlined their PCI compliance by using Paysafe as their payment provider. With Paysafe’s Level 1 compliance and 20 years of payment expertise, Building Stack is able to keep their businesses and tenants payment information safe. As Building Stack continues to expand its operations globally, they can rely on Paysafe to guide them through each region’s compliance regulations.

Paysafe helped Building Stack simplify their overall payment process with greater efficiency, increased security, quick onboarding and flexible payment options. The future of Building Stack and Paysafe’s partnership looks promising as both companies are growing rapidly and are committed to making payment enhancements to stay ahead in their ever-changing industries.


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