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Plug into Paysafe.

We are providing you with a new portal for a refined interaction with Paysafe  - hope you like it.

Read on to find out what this means for you.

Check out your new portal   

New Portal FAQs

Set up

Q. Will I need to do anything to get access to the new Portal?

Our team will set up your portal access for you. You will then be notified via email which will include your temporary password. 

Q. I’ve been a merchant of yours for years, will transactions and balances be moved across or will I start from scratch? 

You will not need to start from scratch - non of your data will be lost and will still be accesible via your NETBANX instance - to log in follow

Q. Will there be any training on the new portal?

Yes. We will provide you with training material such as 'How to Guides' and 'Video Tutorials' - if you do have any further questions you can always reach out to us via our contact details. 

Q. How many users can I have?

Only one user per company is possible. 

Q. What will happen to the reports I have scheduled on Netbanx? Which portal will I have to manage them in moving forward?

Q. It sounds lovely but I don’t want to use the portal, can you just send me the data so I can manage it in my systems?


Q. Will I need to have access to two portals?

Yes. For the time being you will still be accessing your virtual terminal via NETBANX as well as AMEX, DD, SEPA and Rapid Transfer services. The new portal will host your newly designed invoices and bank statements and provide you access to an enhanced dashboard experience. 

Q. What if I have multiple accounts, can I see all in one place?


Q. What are the main differences to the existing Netbanx portal?

Your new portal will provide you with a refreshed look and feel of your Invoices and Bank Statements as well as an enhanced dashboard to for reporting measuring and reporting making your life easier. 

Q. What languages are available?

The portal is available in multiple languages: 

List of languages.

Q. Can I link to Netbanx and vice versa, from the new Portal?

Not for the time being, you will be loging in to both portals seperately. To log in to Netbanx follow: To log in to the new Paysafe portal follow: portal link. Paysafe's vision is to provide you with a single sign on experience in the near future.


Q. Does my password expire, and if so, how often?

Needs further info

Q. Can I change my password?

Yes, when you are first provided access via email you will receive a temporary password which can then be changed in your settings. 


Q. Who helps me if I have issues with the new portal?

Our freephone telephone numbers continue to be: UK: +44 (0) 118 928 5075 / International: 0800 249 1404

And, if you need to reach out to our internal teams, you can continue to email us at: (for our Customer Service Team) (for our Integrations Team)