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Information Hub

This hub will provide you with the latest update on your merchant portals, how to use them, what is included and the main changes to your day-to-day activities.

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Our vision

We are contantly working on making further improvements to your customer experience to provide a seamless service. 

Our upcoming update will provide you with an additional portal improving your analytic reporting and tracking in the backend.

This gradual change will improve your day-to-day activities. 

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Paysafe Business Portal

Transformation from Existing to New Portal



You will still be using NETBANX for all your transactional level card details: 

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Paysafe Business Portal 1.5

Your new portal will make your life frictionless with its refreshed look and feel:

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Paysafe PCI Portal

Your Paysafe PCI Portal will also continue to support you:

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Your portals in more detail

Have a closer look at how you will be using your portals going forward.



Here you will still be able to use the virtual terminal to process credit/debit cards and direct debit transactions, make adjustments to individual transactions, manage your customer profiles, set recurring billing schedules and upload batches. 

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Paysafe Business Portal 1.5

Using your new portal 

The new portal will host your newly designed invoices and statements and provide you access to an enhanced dashboard experience. For a sneakpeak on what your new portal and invoices will look like click below:

New merchant portal features

New invoice guide

PCI Portal

Using Payafe PCI Portal

Your PCI portal will continue to support your cyber security and compliance requirements, improving your business security and reducing risk. 

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Leverage our seamless suite of API's

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern API tools. 

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curl -X POST \
  -u test_vniezsai:B-qa2-0-59564dfa-0-302c021426a55dde98dc2a052cccc1ddc8daa776a7a4fe2e0214080388fded986767abc445e58af123c01003cb8b \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d ' {
    "merchantRefNum" : "payment-token-demo-1",
    "amount" : 5000,
    "card" : {
   } '

We appreciate your feedback

We would love to hear your feedback for future feature enhancements.

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Hi I’m Garreth, if you have any further questions on your new set-up please let us know. 

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