Pay by Invoice

Let your customers buy now and pay later with the Paysafe Pay Later™ invoice solution.

Follow the trend

German consumers most favourite method of payment.
Give your customers the chance to purchase
and receive goods now and only pay for them later.
Instant decisioning, white labelled to ensure a seamless consumer experience and Paysafe Pay Later guarantee the payment.

White Label

White-labeled, Pay by invoice gives your customers the flexibility and convenience required in today’s market, without taking the risk or managing the administration and servicing burden. Designed specifically for mid-tier and large market retailers, our invoice solution provides ultimate flexibility including:

  • End to end white label capability
  • B2C and B2B invoice offering
  • Flexible dunning configuration (steps, duration, fees, etc.)
  • Automated customer engagement triggers
  • Personalized refund announcements
  • Bulk dunning date moves
  • Delayed payment options (7, 15 or 30 days)
  • DHL return tracking

Simple integration

Simple integration and quick check-out. With the collection of 3 simple data points and a real-time credit check, your customers benefit from an expedited, streamlined experience. And your payment is guaranteed.

Further Flexibility

We offer further flexibility with our monthly invoice, which consolidates multi purchases at a single merchant, - perfect for brand loyalists or returning customers who are looking for a simplified consolidated payment option – amounts are then debited from the customers bank account.

Let's look at how Paysafe Pay Later can work for your business

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